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  • living with vertigo
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    Living with Vertigo

    I wasn’t going to talk about this, although Tim thinks it’s a perfect subject for my blog.  And then I had a bad episode on Sunday, and decided I needed to get this out.  Whenever I hear the beginning of a commercial for fibromyalgia, which says “to everyone else, I look like everyone else”, I think of myself.  Very few people know what I’m experiencing.  And honestly, I don’t like to dwell on it.  I’m not sure it makes me feel better to talk about it; in fact, sometimes it makes me feel worse. My vertigo experience I’ve been experiencing spontaneous vertigo for two years now.  It started four months…

  • Paper crafts

    How to Jazz Up a Notepad

    I recently came across notepads that I thought were cute and would make nice presents for friends.  However, it didn’t seem right to just give someone a notepad.  Sure, I could include it with something else, but I wanted the notepad itself to be something special.  I wanted to jazz up a notepad. I checked Pinterest, which is always my starting point, and found people had been creating holders for post-it note pads.  I liked what they’d done, but my notepads are bigger than a three inch post-it pad.  I found what I thought was the best design and tailored it to meet the size of my notepads, creating a…

  • Sports

    Tennis anyone?

    I’m a big tennis fan.  And this is a great time, because the first major tournament  of the year is currently in progress.  However, since it’s in Australia, it’s not that easy to catch the action.  There’s a 17 hour time difference!! I was fortunate this morning that the night session ran long.  It ended at 1:30 AM their time (on Wednesday), which was about 8:30 AM our time (on Tuesday).  I’m glad my AO app tells me both times!!  So, I was able to watch the last two sets of the Wozniacki/Suarez Navarro match. Tim, my husband, says “you’re retired, you can stay up all night and watch”.  But…

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    Is there a retirement routine?

    When you’re working, you get so used to the same routine.  I basically went to the same place, Monday – Friday, for 38 years.  Now that’s a routine!!  So, what happens when that goes away? Initially, I was so thrilled not to get up at 5:30.  I couldn’t imagine getting 8 hours of sleep at night, but now I do.  And on weekends, I was never one to immediately shower and eat breakfast, unless I had specific plans.  So, for me, the joy came from being able to take my time in the morning, read emails and the entire paper while I ate breakfast.  It’s like everyone says – every…

  • Blogging

    Getting started is the hard part

    It's funny.  I've had all of these ideas swimming through my head for days (and nights), yet when it's time to finally sit down and write my first post, I don't know what to say.  Guess I'll start with more information about why I'm doing this. I've always liked to write.  As with any introvert, it's easier to write down my thoughts than to speak them.  I feel like I have something to say, but we'll see if that's true.  More importantly, we'll see if anyone else thinks what I have to say is worth spending his/her precious time on. Anyway, even though I have so many things to keep…