• seed starter
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    Starting Seeds Indoors – The Beginning

    One of my current projects is starting seeds indoors.  In this post, and in future weeks, I’ll share my experiences and let’s hope I have success!! Last Year’s Experience Last year, I knew I wanted a couple of plants that would require seeds.  I’m a stickler for waiting until Mother’s Day before I plant anything outside.  There’s too much risk if you go before that, so I prefer to wait. I planted Morning Glory and Four O’Clock in pots.  I could plant them in the ground but with our new landscaping, it didn’t make sense.  And if I didn’t plant them in the rocked area, I’d have to do something…

  • pillow covers
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    Making Pillow Covers

    Over the last few months, most of my sewing projects have become gifts.  I love making things for others, and I hope they love getting them just as much.  I try to think about each person when making something, choosing the pattern and fabric that I think is “just her”.  This month, I finally got back to sewing for myself. I don’t consider myself a quilter.  I will never make a full-size quilt.  No one to make them for and I don’t need any.  I do sew things (pillows, runners, table toppers, placemats, hot pads, wine totes, fabric baskets) that include some quilting features.  It’s a lot easier to quilt that…

  • blueberry cinnamon-burst muffins
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    Blueberry Cinnamon-Burst Muffins

    I like muffins.  All kinds of muffins.  And they’re easy to make, as well as eat.  Unlike quick bread, they provide you with the perfect serving with no cutting or mess.  And who needs a box mix, when you can whip up fresh muffins so easily? I started a tradition several years ago with my oldest friends.  (I’ll write about the Goddesses in a future post.)  We get together at my house every summer for a weekend.  (Well, last year we “roughed it” at Lake Okoboji!!)  We shop, eat, but mostly talk.  This started before we had Facebook, so we had so much to catch up on.  And now, even…

  • Book Review March Reads

    Book Review – Couple of March Reads

    I’ve read a few books in March, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on a couple. What Alice Forgot This book was written by Liane Moriarty.  It’s the third book by this Australian writer I’ve read.  One was selected by my book club, and actually, I think I was the one who picked it.  The last two I read outside of book club, but we have discussed them.  I know the others like her as an author and I will likely read more of her books. While I gave this 3 stars in my Goodreads review, I did enjoy reading it.  I really liked the other two I read –…

  • Retiree Vacation
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    Why a Retiree Still Needs a Vacation

    Hey everyone.  I’m still here.  Just took a week off, but I’m back from vacation and will be posting again!!  And I’m sharing some of my vacation experiences in this post. When you’re retired, every day’s a Saturday, right?  That may be true, but that doesn’t mean a retiree doesn’t need a vacation. I remember when I was working, how much a March vacation meant to me.  The anticipation was almost as much fun as the vacation itself.  We’d remember all our favorite restaurants and plan when we’d hit each one.  I’d sit in meetings and daydream about being in the warm weather.  I could actually visualize myself in a chair…

  • Chicken Pot Pie
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    Chicken Pot Pie

    Isn’t chicken pot pie widely considered comfort food?   It certainly is for me.  I remember, as a kid, having Swanson’s pot pies.  You know, the kind in aluminum bowls that took about an hour to bake?  We loved them!!  There was just something about them that tasted so good. I’d always wanted to try making it myself and a few years ago, I thought I’d found the best recipe for chicken pot pie.  It was very good and I still like it.  It’s a pretty healthy version, while still being creamy with lots of flavor. But last year, I came across this recipe and I have to say, it’s even better.  Tim…

  • 8 Things I Love About My House
    Life in General

    8 Things I Love About My House

    Note:  something weird is going on with this post.  I posted it last night on my iPad but today on my laptop it’s still in draft form.  I’m going to publish it again, so I apologize if you received two emails for this. It’s snowing again today.  I was out in it this morning (remember, I had Book Buddy today), but I’ve been home since about 10:30.  So, I get to enjoy most of the day in my house, just watching it come down while I do laundry and especially while I write this post. It’s a wet snow and it could turn into rain later as the temperature rises. …

  • livingwithvertigo
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    Living with Vertigo – Day to Day

    I got the oil changed in my car yesterday.  That doesn’t sound like a very big deal, I know.  But it took me two weeks to work up the courage. Not only do I have to drive there, but I have to wait for them to finish my car.  Too many opportunities to be alone if a vertigo spell hits.  So, I have to work up the confidence to do it. I was all set two weeks ago.  Had it in my planner as a task.  But when I got up that morning, I just couldn’t do it.  Tim even offered to go with me on his Monday off, but…

  • marchonspring
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    March On!!

    I was watching the Big Ten basketball tournament last night and saw banners saying “March On”, and decided that is the perfect name for today’s post.  There’s so much March fun to look forward to. I already know March will go by quickly. And I’m OK with that!!  March means spring is in sight and I love spring.  I love the new green color on bushes and trees, as well as the beautiful pinks and purples on the flowering trees. I sure hope our trees bloom this year.  I attributed their lack of blooms last year to being newly planted (we planted them in October of 2016), so maybe this…