Hot Crab Dip

You know how you find a recipe you like so much, you end up using it all the time? This hot crab dip is something I know is a hit for any occasion, so I make it a lot. It’s also quick and easy. The problem is it usually runs out and I don’t have leftovers!!

Some appetizer recipes make SO much that you end up having tons left over. You won’t with this recipe. I served it on Christmas Eve (see my post about that experience) to eleven people and there was virtually nothing left. But I think that happens no matter how large the group. People like it!!

I typically serve it with small pieces of bread, but it’s good with crackers or pita chips. There’s just something about it, though, when you dip a soft piece of bread into that gooey cheesy dip and then pop it in your mouth. Have I already said how delicious this dip is?

If you’re looking for something easy and yummy for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, give it a try!!

I made one change to the recipe. It originally called for minced onion. I decided I liked using a shallot better. It’s milder than onion and seems to blend well with the crab and cream cheese. So, if you don’t have a shallot, you can always use minced onion.

Note: I didn’t get a picture of my own, so I’ve used one from an online source (Big Oven) both in the featured image above and in the recipe.

Hot Crab Dip

Yummy crab and melted cheese make a great appetizer!!  And it’s super simple to make.

Course Appetizer
Keyword hot crab dip
Cook Time 20 minutes


  • 1 6 oz. can crabmeat (drained and flaked)
  • 1 8 oz. package cream cheese (room temperature)
  • 1 T. shallot (minced)
  • 1 T. lemon juice
  • 1 dash cayenne pepper
  • 1 c. cheddar cheese (shredded)


  1. Combine all ingredients except the cheddar cheese.

  2. Place in a small oven safe dish and top with the cheddar cheese.

  3. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, until hot and bubbly.

  4. Serve with crackers, breadsticks or pieces of bread.

Recipe Notes

Original recipe and picture from Big Oven