Taking a Blogging Break

I’ve decided I need to take a break. Not a long one – just a couple of weeks. Why?

I have some fun things coming up that require preparation which means I need time. The only way to find more time is to stop writing for a short while.

I know I’ll miss it, and maybe I will write a little, but I have looked at my calendar and I just don’t see how I can realistically do it all. My Grammarly writing streak is going to end. ☹

First, we have our first ever visit from the grandkids – just them!! They will be here for two nights and two days. We are so excited. I have supplies ready for painting and baking cookies. Can’t wait!!

Second, is my annual girls’ weekend with my lifelong friends. This will be our third year going to Lake Okoboji and staying at Lori’s lake house. I always have the best time and I’m really looking forward to it. But there’s baking to be done before I go!!

Add to that, there’s cleaning to be done and cards to be made. Whew! I will need that weekend away when it gets here.

I hope you’ll be patient and I’ll try to come up with something good for my first day back.

Watch for me again on August 6!!

8 thoughts on “Taking a Blogging Break”

      1. Enjoy your upcoming fun events Linda ❤️! I just had to tell you, I’m so excited that I’m making 2 of your recipes for a little meeting I’m having. One is hot crab dip and the other is apple crisp. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

        1. I made the hot crab dip last week for a little pre-reunion get together. It’s SO good. Let me know how everything goes.

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