Happy Birthday. . . to ME!!!

There are many milestone birthdays in our lives:

  • 13 (finally a teenager)
  • 16 (a driver’s license)
  • 21 (legal age, although when I was growing up the legal age for drinking was 18)
  • 30, 40, 50, 60 (celebrating another decade)
  • 65 (Medicare)
  • 66 and 4 months (full retirement age, for me anyway)
  • 70 (highest social security payout)
  • 70 1/2 (required minimum distribution age)
  • 80, 90, etc.

I have a milestone birthday of sorts this month.  I will be 62.  Technically, I could begin receiving social security payments.  But I won’t.  There’s no reason not to let it accumulate until I can get a higher amount.  So I guess it’s not a milestone for me.  Yet it feels like one.  Or maybe it just sounds so old!!

Time flies

Remember when you were a kid, how slow time passed?  It seemed like forever before I was a teenager.  And then another lifetime before 16 and getting my driver’s license.  Every birthday is exciting and special when you’re a kid.

Then I turned 21 and even though I was technically an adult, I still had another year of college to continue that transition into adulthood.

And then birthdays kind of lost their sparkle.  They’re just another day in another year.  Sure, the “0” birthdays might be celebrated (or bemoaned) but most pass with little fanfare.

When I first started working, a friend of mine coined the term “fossils” for the older guys we worked with.  And then there were junior fossils and senior fossils.  We laughed a lot about the older people because we were young and had our whole lives ahead of us.

Then life happens and the years/decades fly by.  All of a sudden, we were the junior fossils.  And now we’re senior fossils.  Do the ones just starting out look at us that way?  I don’t feel any different but I have to think we’re now the ones being laughed at.  Or at least, the ones they want out of the way.  I honestly tried to remain current and constantly learn in my job, so I hope I was relevant up to my last day.

This birthday

Every time I’ve mentioned something recently, Tim would ask “do you want that for your birthday?”  At our age, it’s so easy to get whatever you need or want anyway, but I know he wanted to get me something I’d really like.  So, no surprises this year, but I did get three things that I think say a lot about what’s important to me.  See what you think!!

Birthday present #1

The first present is a spinner for the yard.  I love those things.  I’ve admired them for years and last year, we finally got one.  I thought I’d like another one.  So, when Tim and I were shopping for my seed starter supplies, we happened to notice they had quite a few spinners.  (For those of you in the Des Moines area, Goode’s Greenhouse has a lot at pretty reasonable prices.)

I picked one out and I LOVE it.  It’s bigger than the first one and it’s so colorful.  We wanted to put it in a location where I could see it from the deck (since I like to sit out there).  Isn’t it cool?  (Too bad it doesn’t keep our robin friend away.  He flies into the windows and poops all over everything.)


It’s a good thing I took this picture when I did, because during one of our recent storms, it blew over!!  Fortunately, it didn’t break or bend.  I can’t say the same for the other spinner, however.  It was damaged, but I think we have it back to somewhat of a normal state.  And Tim put my new spinner up again, so I can once again watch it go.

Birthday present #2

This one was a complete spur of the moment.  It was a Monday, so Tim’s day off, and I just happened to mention I’d like a new desk chair.  The one I was using was cracked on the seat (which is uncomfortable when you’re wearing shorts!!), and I just couldn’t get it high enough.  Tim immediately jumped on that and said we should get one that day.  Since I’m spending so much more time at my desk these days, it was important for me to have a good chair.  Ergonomics, you know!!

desk chair

So, here’s my new chair.  It’s padded and comfy and right now, I’m sitting up nice and high.  It was promoted as a “big and tall” chair.  I don’t really think of myself as either of those (maybe I’m kidding myself?) but it does fit nicely.  I am definitely enjoying it.  The old chair is waiting for spring cleaning day, when we’ll put it out on the curb (and see if it makes it until the morning pickup).

Birthday present #3

I was watching the Pioneer Woman one day, and she was making scalloped potatoes using a mandoline.  I’d always wanted one but I thought they were expensive and I know people who’ve hurt themselves using one.  But I decided I finally wanted to give one a try.

First, I had to explain to Tim what it is.  🙂  Second, he wanted me to pick one out.  So, I did a little bit of research and found one I liked on Amazon.  I was surprised at how reasonably priced most of them were.  And they were not cheap looking and had good reviews.  I found one and put it on my wishlist so he could find it.  Check it out on Amazon.


I’ve used it once already and it works pretty slick.  I sliced three potatoes lickety split!!  And the slices were all the same size.  It has a guard so once the item you’re slicing gets smaller, you can use it to keep from slicing your fingers too.  The blade adjusts to different thicknesses and goes back to zero when you store it.  There’s also a storage guard that protects it.  Since I was worried about cutting myself, I valued all these things.

I feel it’s a good way to learn how to use a mandoline without spending too much.  If I decide I want something fancier some day, I can spend more.  For now, this works just fine for me.

What these presents say about me

You may have figured that out already, but here’s how I think each of these birthday presents is indicative of what’s important in my life.

  1. I love being outside in spring, summer, and fall.  I’m usually on my deck.  I love watching my flowers grow and this summer, I’ll get to see how our landscaping has matured.  I will get so much enjoyment watching my colorful spinner while I’m enjoying nature.  It fits right in.
  2. I do spend a lot of time at my desk.  Not just because I’ve started this blog, but because I do a lot on my laptop.  I pay bills, balance the checkbook, store pictures, get ideas for sewing and making cards, design and print cards I make, and many other things.  My new comfy desk chair makes that all just a little more enjoyable.
  3. I love to cook.  And it’s always nice to find ways to cook faster.  My mandoline will make slicing potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, and other fruits and veggies so much easier and quicker.  And I’ll also achieve uniform shapes.

You know, birthdays can still be fun.  No, not like when you were a kid.   But there’s no reason you can’t let yourself feel special on that one day each year.  Or maybe even the whole month, like me!!  🙂

What would make you feel special on your next birthday?  Did I get you thinking????

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday. . . to ME!!!”

  1. My 5 year old grandson can’t understand how anyone could be older than 10! Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday month!

    1. I remember when I thought 62 was old. Now that it’s me, it doesn’t seem so old!! Mostly, I try not to think about it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana. I know you have one coming up too, so Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. Linda, it’s a well known fact that diva’s celebrate their birthdays the entire month, not just “the day” of their birth! Welcome to the club. Or maybe it’s just a Linda thing! Anyway, happy birth month friend! 🎂😀

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