A Little about a Lot

As you go about your day, do odd things pop into your head?  I’ve been accumulating my random thoughts and decided to name the post “A Little about a Lot”.  It may not really be a lot, but that sounded like a good title for what this is.  None of these is post worthy alone, but I have to think you might share some of these thoughts.

Anyway, these are not organized into any type of order.  They are just listed in the order they came into my head.  Do you have some to share?

A Little about a Lot

I cringe every year when right before the girls’ state basketball tournament, someone says, “we’ll probably get a big snowstorm next week”.  Why do I cringe?  Because it doesn’t actually happen that much.  Follow this link and you’ll see confirmation of that – the girls’ state basketball tournament and storms.

Why is it so hard to cancel services online?  Have you ever tried to cancel the newspaper?  Cable TV?  A book club you belong to but haven’t ordered any books in years?  They make it very easy to add more services, but you have to call them to cancel.  Guess they think they can change your mind.  But it must work a little.  I haven’t canceled the newspaper or my book club simply because I don’t want the hassle.

Why do I now see so many football and basketball players with JR or III behind their names on the back of their uniforms?  I’m sure there have always been players that were named after their fathers, etc., so why now is it the thing to do?

Have you noticed how many errors there are in newspapers?  I’m not talking about just typos but even grammatical errors.  I thought journalists were supposed to know this stuff.

I like sunny days but I also need rainy days.  I crave a cozy day when it’s dark outside (a thunderstorm makes it even better) and I’m inside reading, sewing, baking cookies, or just watching.

That first snow of the season is always beautiful.  That snow that comes when you’re ready for spring is not.

Is it my imagination, but is it windier than it used to be?  I know there’s a meteorological explanation and I’ve read that the wind is what keeps our air clear, but why is it so windy all the time?  Really started to notice it when we moved into this house.  Because it’s a new development and pretty wide open?

I used to HATE the select-a-size paper towels and now I LOVE them.

Have you ever opened a hot oven, closed your eyes because of the heat pouring out and had your eyelashes stick together?  What a strange feeling.  Obviously, this is only an issue for anyone wearing mascara.  Do all mascaras do that?

How can men remember a baseball game from 50 years ago but not what you said 10 minutes ago?  Oh well, sometimes I can’t remember what I said 10 minutes ago either.

The other night, I must have written 50 blog posts in my head when I should have been sleeping.  I should have just gotten up and written them all.  Now I can’t remember all those insightful things I had to say!!

Some days, I’m so excited to get up and going.  There are so many things to do and I want to do them all TODAY.  That doesn’t work.  It’s my only retirement frustration!!

Why don’t our home thermostats work like my car’s?  Wouldn’t it be great to just set your desired temp and let the system decide whether you need heat or air conditioning?

Does anything warm your heart more than a laughing grandchild running at you with arms out to give you a big hug?  Nope, nothing.

I read where some bloggers must run out of things to talk about.  My mom asked me about that.  But you know, I have this list of topics I just keep adding to every day and feel like I will never run out of things to say.  My problem is, I want to write about all of them RIGHT now!!

Is there anything more annoying than waiting around for a service call, especially when your window is 9:00-1:00?  I’m about halfway through that window and no word.  Grrrr.  (He actually didn’t get here until 1:45.  So much for the “window”.)

Don’t you just love how all these companies send you “deals” during your birthday month?  I’d have to spend a fortune to use all of them.  I can’t shop that much in one month, sorry.  Well, maybe I could.  But it would be exhausting!!!

Well, that’s my little about a lot.  Hope you found some enjoyment in it!!

4 thoughts on “A Little about a Lot”

  1. So true about how hard it is to cancel a subscription. Agree the window for service calls are ridiculous. I think it is windier than it used to be. Agree with you on many of your thoughts but not select-a-size…I still don’t like them! :).

    1. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you’ll come around eventually like I did on the paper towels!!

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