I’m Back – Kind Of

I’ve definitely been out of touch for a while. There are a couple of reasons, and one has probably made the other one less important.

First, the plugin I used for email subscriptions wasn’t working. In fact, it was taking down my administration site, making it impossible for me to do anything. But it also seemed a little futile to post something that couldn’t be communicated through email to all of you. I’ve been working with the developers for that plugin and they finally got it resolved!! I’m back in business.

Second, taking care of my dad has required much more attention. It was tough to find the time and even if I had a few minutes, I didn’t feel much like writing. Hopefully, we have him settled and I’ll find more time for my blog. Maybe even a more complete update on what we’ve been going through.

My dad has declined over the past few months and we found assisted living couldn’t provide the support he needs. As a result, we’ve moved him into a long-term care facility. He’s no longer in Ankeny but is closer to me now. That has its advantages. Not so much for my sister, but easier for me.

That’s all I’m writing today, but I will write more later, I promise. I’m also sorry that I haven’t kept up with all my fellow bloggers. I’d like to think that will change as well.

It’s good to be operational again!!

10 thoughts on “I’m Back – Kind Of”

  1. Glad you’re back. I wondered why I wasn’t getting your emails. I’ll bet I somehow got chopped, so I will resubscribe today!

    1. Hey Donna, just realized I never responded to this. I hope once I send regular emails again, you’ll get them. I’m SO ready to write a post but just can’t seem to find the right time. Maybe next week? Don’t hold your breath!!

  2. There will always be time for your blog…but not time to spend with your dad. Enjoy that time Linda..and be sure to also take care of you. Hugs!

  3. Linda, glad you are ‘kind of’ back. Seems like we are on similar paths this summer. My Domain name expired (credit card issue), and I had to choose a new one. Switching from GoDaddy to WP for my Domain has disrupted my email notifications and unless people who are not on WP try to find me, I’m lost to them.

    Also, my MIL’s cognitive decline has necessitated some changes to her living conditions (i.e. we elected an assisted living residence) and will move her in two weeks. It has been trying to say the least.

    It sounds like your Dad has moved on to the next level of care, which must be devastating to you. I totally understand why blogging isn’t at the front of your priorities right now,

    Great to hear from you.

    1. Thanks Suzanne. We have had a very similar summer. At one time, I was sure I was going to have to rebuild my email subscriptions from scratch which overwhelmed me. Fortunately I finally found enough time to contact the developer.

      We feel better about where my dad is, knowing he’s safer. We were wearing ourselves out trying to cover that in assisted living.

      Good luck with the things dominating your life right now.

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