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My Lifelong Battle with My Hair

Do you know any woman who is happy with her hair?  I have to believe someone out there likes her hair, but it does seem that everyone wants what they don’t have.  If it’s straight, they want it curly.  If it’s curly, they want it straight.

My hair has always been a frustration for me.  It always seems like everyone else’s hair looks so nice all the time.  I feel like mine never looks nice.  It never looks the same from one day to another because I can’t control it.   One side is curlier than the other.  It frizzes even without humidity but is ten times worse when it’s humid.  It never looks “styled”.  (Some might say it’s because I don’t spend much time on it. 🙂 )

Younger hair days

When I was a kid, my mom always cut my hair.  I know many of you had the same problem I did with that.  She always cut my bangs too short!!  I think it was usually a mistake (or was it?), but the end result was always short bangs.   And you can’t add that hair back.   She’d start out trying to even them out and pretty soon they were super short!!  My hair shrinks when it dries, so if they were short when wet, they were VERY short when they dried.

I also had hair that waved and curled, but not where I wanted it to.  For instance, my bangs.  They would curl into wings with the humidity and always look goofy.  Well, I thought they did.

To help with that, we used this product called “dippity do”.  Remember it?  Image result for dippity do

I’d slather this gel on my bangs and then use this special pink tape to stick them to my forehead.  Image result for pink hair tape for bangs  Boy, that takes me back in time.

The gel would dry and my bangs would be stiff until I combed them out.  This would make them straight, at least for a while.

I’d try long hair, then short hair.  I’d have bangs and then grow them out.  When it was long, I’d try to pull it back into a ponytail but I never thought I looked good with it like that.  I was so jealous of anyone who had long, straight hair and could make it look good no matter what.  Especially if they looked good in the morning, straight out of bed.

Do you remember the time before blow dryers?  I remember using a hair dryer with a cap that filled up with air.  Image result for hair dryers from the 60s

Then we upgraded to one with a solid lid that you sat under, kind of like what they had at the beauty salon.  Image result for hair dryers from the 60s

I also used hot rollers at one point.  I remember they were hard and prickly and could make my head sore.  I used rollers mostly to straighten my hair.  Image result for hot rollers from the 60s  They looked kind of like these.

And remember the pink spongey rollers?  Or the giant size rollers, which were good for me since I didn’t want tight curls?

High school and college days

I can’t remember exactly when I started doing this or even where the idea originated, but I had a nice way to “straighten” my hair.  I’d put one super big roller on the crown of my head, and then wrap the rest of my hair around my head.  Then I’d dry it or let it air dry, if I had time.  This definitely made my hair smoother and straighter, even though both sides of my hair tended to curl in the same direction.

hair styling
Freshman year roommates – Sherri with big rollers, me with my hair wrapped and Lori looking good with no help

I will admit that I’m lazy when it comes to my hair.  I think that’s because even when I spend more time on it, it still doesn’t look very good.  I figure why bother, and try to find “styles” that don’t require much effort.  But sometimes you get what you put into it, and my hair often looks like I didn’t give much of an effort.

The cut is important.  I once had a cut that made my hair lay flat against my head on the sides because it was so short.  Ick.  Mostly, I avoid layers, because I have a LOT of hair and layers can make it even bushier.  According to my stylist, my hair isn’t thick.  My hair is actually fine; I just have a lot of it which makes it look thick.

My hair does not always do well with air drying.  Nothing lays nicely and it gets frizzy.  I do better if I dry it a little with the blow dryer and then let it air dry to finish.  And I use a diffuser, so I don’t blow out the curl/wave I actually want and end up with a bunch of frizz.

I’ve always tended to get sick of my hair, whether it’s long or short.  I still need to change it fairly often.  It seems right after I get a new cut, my hair looks great.  It’s almost as if I’ve fooled it.  Then it wises up and starts taking control again and won’t do what I try to make it do.

My hair these days

Towards the end of my working days, I was using a curling iron every day to get it as smooth and straight as I could.  This wasn’t very good for my hair and my long bangs kept getting shorter and shorter because the ends were breaking off.  Once I stopped working, I knew I needed a change.  I was walking outside and I simply didn’t want to spend much time on my hair.  So, my stylist cut my hair shorter and with mousse and a blow dryer, I was set each day.

That was two years ago and I’m sick of it again.  My hair is hot (remember, I have a lot of it) and frizzy and always in my face.  And I shed as much as the cats!!

So, last week, I had her cut my hair even shorter.  It’s still pretty easy to take care of.  I can mousse it and dry it about 50% and then let it finish air drying.  It’s VERY short in the back – she stacked it – and longer on the sides and front.

I told her to cut my bangs because I was so tired of having them in my face all the time.  She was hesitant to do that; she’s been doing my hair long enough that she knows I probably won’t like them short.  She said, “let’s start small, we can always cut more off”.  Good advice.  She thought maybe the heaviness of my hair in the back could be making it blow more in my face.  So, I let her do it.  And so far, I actually like it.

Now I’m just waiting to see how long it takes for my hair to figure out it’s been fooled and to fight back.  It always does!!  😈

P.S.  Did you notice my new photo?  I had a few people suggest I should take one on the deck, since that’s my favorite summer place.  And this time, I should include Mickey since Brutus was in the last picture.  It’s not the best picture of either of us but probably typical.  It was windy (not unusual) and Mickey is only a lap cat when it’s his idea, so he wouldn’t sit and definitely wouldn’t look at the camera.  Oh well.  This is us!!


    • retired introvert

      I know, isn’t it fun to see an old dorm room? We were in Stanley, third floor. Do you think the rooms have changed much? I noticed the phone hanging on the wall and wondered if today’s kids would even know what it was!!

    • retired introvert

      I think he is. He wasn’t squirming; I just couldn’t get him to turn his face to the camera. And little did he know at the time, he was going to the vet right after this picture was taken. Poor guy. He’s getting better though. UTI is gone and now we’re working to get his potassium higher.

  • Angie

    Oh my Dippity do….what a flashback! I never used it but thought anyone that did was so cool! Even though my hair is soooo straight (and I don’t like it), I am with you in that I don’t want to spend any time on my hair.

    • retired introvert

      Wow, I must have been cool then. 😉 I would have felt cooler if I hadn’t needed to use the dippity-do!! I think the older I get, the less time I want to spend on my hair. There are just too many other things to do with that time.

  • Nola Kean

    I’m right there with you sista! I’m still looking for the “magic” formula to keep my hair straight (but with some body) once I’ve spent time on it. I guess that’s too much to ask! Sigh. . . . .

    • retired introvert

      Hey, I’ve always thought your hair looked great. You’re one of those I assumed could make your hair do anything you wanted. Guess that proves we always think someone has it better than us, even if they don’t.

  • Linda Throckmorton

    Cute haircut Linda!! Can’t wait to see it in person, you know how I like the “stacked” in the back haircut. And PS, I’ve always been jealous of your hair, because you know, the grass is always greener❤️

    • retired introvert

      Thanks! I think I like it. It definitely looks different in person. You can’t tell from the picture how it looks in the back. It feels so different when I wash it – yikes, no hair back there!!

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