Our Typical Days

I wonder if there are more people out there like us than I realize. This self-isolation thing has not been a huge sacrifice. As this currently popular introvert quote says “I’ve been preparing for this my entire life.” So true.

I also love this t-shirt from Raygun. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but if you haven’t checked them out, you have to. They come up with the most clever t-shirts and they’re always very timely. I think I need this one. Note: this t-shirt is no longer available from Raygun, but check them out anyway because they have great shirts. This one can be purchased through Amazon.

Given that, our days now aren’t that much different from what they were before. Well, before February 1, that is. My life changed drastically that day. But since we’ve been asked to “stay home”, my days are pretty much what they used to be.

So, what are we doing?

I’ve definitely caught up on my sewing, almost to the extent that I have to think about what to do next. Not really a problem. Do you know how many things I’ve had planned? The only potential problem is running out of the little supplies, like thread. But I’ll be OK with that for a while too.

I’ve been making things for my niece who’s expecting her first baby in May. And not unusual for me, one idea leads to another. So, I’ve made burp cloths but have all this extra flannel so decided I would make bibs. The pattern I like calls for terry cloth to be used between the flannel layers. Of course, I don’t have terry cloth lying around.

I ordered some online from Joann Fabrics for store pickup. In the meantime, I’d read they were providing non-surgical mask kits. So, when I was in there picking up my terry cloth, I asked about those.

They had the fabric but were out of interfacing and elastic. Not a problem. What seamstress doesn’t have those items in her stash? The woman there gave me my fabric and asked if I needed thread. Now come on. If I don’t need elastic or interfacing, will I need thread? I didn’t have the heart to tell her I probably didn’t need the fabric either. 😁

I have enough of everything to make 8 masks. I’ve already made 3. It takes longer to cut everything out than to actually sew them. And, once this is all over, I will need to replenish my supply of elastic. Oh well. A small sacrifice to make for the cause.

Non-surgical masks

You’d think I’d be reading more than I am. I think I’m just so excited to have project time, that I’m not making as much time for reading. This even includes other bloggers, which I hate to say because I love my fellow bloggers. But it seems like they’re all writing more frequently, so it makes it even tougher to keep up!!

Tim has been working on a Lego model of Ohio State’s football stadium for over a year. You know, it may actually be almost two years. He finally got it out again this week and started all over. Maybe he can get it finished before all this ends.

Tim has also become my source for “breaking news”. He gets all these alerts so he knows immediately when something new happens. He also watches the governor’s news conference every day at 2:30. Although today we’re having severe weather in the state so it’s a nice break. Ha!!

I try not to become obsessed with the news, but I have started watching the President at 5:00 (CDT). It’s a little painful at times, but I do want to be informed. Our local news has been extended to one hour and it’s nothing but COVID-19 stories.

In the kitchen

You might think I’d be cooking and baking more. I’m not. When all this began with my mom, Tim started doing most of the cooking. At least what he could with his injured arm. And since he was given the go-ahead to drive, he’s done all the grocery shopping. He’s become our “designated shopper”. It’s a good thing but it means I haven’t been able to personally see all the empty shelves.

I guess we’re preparing even more for his retirement. One of the things he said he’d like to do then is the grocery shopping. For the most part, I’m thrilled. Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. However, he will need some instruction because there are certain brands and types of things I like to buy. Like low sodium chicken broth and fresh Parmesan cheese!!

I did have one day this last week where I cooked. For Christmas, I asked for and received a pasta maker. I haven’t had time to even take it out of the box, but I decided I wanted to use up the extra sauce in the freezer and try my hand at making lasagna noodles. I definitely need more practice!!

Typical Days

When I get this mastered, I will share the recipe with you. It’s from a cooking class I took. Anyway, we learned how to make pasta and the sauce. It’s the simplest sauce ever but quite tasty. Next time I make this, I will make the noodles thicker and use less sauce. While the lasagna tasted great, it was a little soupy.

Tim also had a craving for chocolate covered macadamia nuts. We decided why not make them ourselves? So, I melted the chocolate and dipped the nuts. Pretty yummy. And no recipe needed. 😉

Getting outside

As I mentioned above, Tim’s been doing all the grocery shopping. He’s also been going to his physical therapy three times a week. So far, they haven’t shut that down. He’s started running again and has been trying to do that outside now that it’s a little warmer. He got a taste of it when we were in Florida.

We live in an area that’s great for walking and it’s been fun watching the increase in activity. Lots more running, walking and dog walking. People clearly want to get out!!

I’ve been occasionally getting on the treadmill. I would like to get outside and walk but it’s been kind of cold and rainy lately. I did go to my chiropractor appointment last week. No massage this week.

Not sure what will happen with my hair appointment next week. The salons are shut down through March 31 and my appointment is on April 1. I have a feeling that shutdown will be extended. But I’m OK with that. It pays to no longer be coloring my hair!!

I made one trip to Joann’s and a couple to the Container Store (before more stores were asked to close) so that’s it for my shopping. We have tried to support our local restaurants a little by getting takeout one to two times a week. Our online shopping picked up for a while but we haven’t really been doing too much of that.

Tim read today that no one over 60 should be going to the grocery store. Yikes! What do we do? Delivery right now is out of the question. Maybe order online and pick up? We also haven’t done a very good job of buying for the long term so he’s been making quick trips every 2-3 days. We need to start planning a little better, I think.

Even though the number of cases in Iowa is low compared to other states, our numbers are rising more and more each day. Our governor has all but declared shelter in place, which she’s avoiding.

We’re lucky we can stay home. I feel bad for those who have to go out each day, my sister being one of them. And with my dad staying with them, she’s a little concerned she could bring something home. In fact, we’re going to have a houseguest soon.

So, enjoy this time at home while you can. Find the positives in slowing down and let yourself relax. Yes, we need to be careful and safe, but I’m choosing not to be afraid.

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  1. I have made the decision not to go out, and keep to the home and the yard and get everything delivered. Our governor suggested that people over sixty should stay home. That said, I live with two people who up until yesterday were still working and stripping and washing when they got home, so….no bubble…. I am what I suppose they call a social introvert. I spend a great deal of time at home and am never bored, but am seriously missing those small groups of women i hung out with for happy hour, knitting and the like..

    1. It’s rather fortuitous that my husband happened to be home recovering from surgery, otherwise he’d be “out there” every day too. I miss my book club even though we’ve only missed once but it seems like more. I’m having a virtual lunch with a couple of friends on Friday. I’m looking forward to that. But like you, I am perfectly content at home and never get bored. In fact, my days fly by too fast!!

  2. Enjoy your posts. Fortunately I live in the country so social distancing isn’t a problem. Walking the dog several times a day
    is great for both of us. She is an Aussiedoodle not quite 2 years
    old so plenty of energy! Just wish the weather would be cooperating! Looking forward to this week when it is supposed to be nice here in Iowa. Have been trying to stay in touch with my Aunt who lives in a senior living apt. in Conn. She is 97 and says she feels like she is in prison!
    I have plenty to do here, but do miss not working my parttime job in retail, and getting together with friends. I am looking forward to next week having my Grandson, who is 10 come to visit as his Mother is on call….to which that concerns me but!
    May all of you stay healthy!

    1. Thanks Pam. My sister has to keep working so to be safe we moved my dad from her house to ours today. We feel bad moving him around but we don’t want to take any chances that he’ll be exposed. It’s tough on everyone. Stay safe.

  3. We have that exact pasta maker. It’s fun to use, and I always have this feeling of accomplishment that we’ve cheated another sale from those box pasta manufacturers. 🙂

    The Publix grocery store here has a couple days a week where they let anyone 60 and over in between 8-9am before the store opens. That’s certainly helpful.

    I need to get that t-shirt also. I too feel as if I’ve been in training for this my whole life. 🙂

    1. We have special hours for those over 60 too but I wonder why they have to be so early!! One of our stores designates 7-8 for it. Too early for us!!

      I can’t wait to use my pasta maker again. I need practice to get the feel for what’s the best thickness. That just means more eating!! 😜

  4. We are in Day 17 of our own shelter-in-place. Ours began as things got cancelled (events) and we decided crowded restaurants were not the best idea either. Our state when to mandatory shelter0in-place earlier this week, and there’s been rumor it will extend beyond the April 6th current end date.

    I’ve found I am cooking more. I actually created a 2 week list of dinner plans before I went to the grocery so I could get everything needed. Although I am an introvert, I am definitely missing my face-to–face connections. I’m doing yoga on-line, talking on the phone with friends and family, and today will attempt a Zoom happy hour! I recognize that retirement did prepare me for this… but I’m loosing track of day of the week now. And finding that some of my long-standing projects I just really don’t want to do!

    Hoping to get outside a bit more now…. the weather here is finally warming up.

    1. You must be back in Cincinnati then? I thought of you when we were in Florida earlier this month. I took a couple of walks down a few of the streets off of Gulf Blvd and wondered if you might live on one of them. Based on the pictures I’ve seen, it appears you back onto the Intracoastal.

      I’m going to be exposed to Zoom soon. Our financial planner wants to meet that way and a couple of my friends want to have a virtual dinner. I’m used to online meetings, although it’s been almost four years now so I know the technology has changed a lot. I’m probably losing my technology literacy since I retired although I hope blogging keeps me a little more informed.

      Stay safe Pat!!

      1. Hi, yes we are back in Cincinnati. You’ll need to let me know next time you’re in Florida! If you’re walking “off Gulf”, you can’t be that far from us…. we are at 161st Ave.

        Zoom worked easier than I recall conference calls 6+ years ago… technology has definitely improved!

        1. Are you close to the Conch Republic? I was walking in the 180s, so a little far from you. But I know I could find you!!

          1. Very close to Conch Republic! We walk or bike there for dinner. Our cottage was near 175th and our new house on 161st. Conch Republic is halfway in-between! Next time you head to Florida, do let me know!

  5. Retirement has certainly prepared me for this physical distancing. And it’s easy to practice physical distancing in the river hills of NE Alberta. I’ve been thinking about my expectations of normal that I’ve had to let go of during this pandemic response. Yesterday I had an epiphany: focus on what is still normal – like the usual housework as I cleaned bathrooms and changed bedding; end of month with bills to be paid; daily exercise, meal preparation, etc. I’m grateful for my homebody ways. Prior to covid19, it wasn’t unusual for me to stay at home for 5-6 days. Like Donna’s husband, I miss the micro-interactions when I’m out and about. Home made pasta. MMMM

    1. Yes, retirement has definitely prepared me as well. Like you, I can easily go days without leaving the house. I miss things like my book club, lunches with friends, eating in a restaurant, and my volunteer book reading to four year olds. I’m trying to follow my mom’s advice from long ago. It may seem long now but it’s just a blip in your lifetime. We will get through it. Thanks Mona.

  6. It sounds as if you are making the best of a bad situation.
    Good for you for sewing the masks. They may may not be approved for medical staff, but it couldn’t hurt for your husband to wear one when he shops. Gloves too, if you have them.

    We haven’t had much of an adjustment either. Doing little projects and getting outside as much as possible has helped a lot. I love the tee and am heading over to buy.

    1. Great idea to wear a mask and gloves while shopping. I have a feeling he will resist that though. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. A local sewing store is also giving out mask material for home sewers. I haven’t gone by yet, but it sounds like a great idea. I keep hearing conflicting info about how useful they are, but I really want to help. I have noticed that I have a greater craving for sweets while we’ve been isolating. The oatmeal raisin cookies I made two weeks ago are gone. Maybe chocolate covered macadamia nuts are next!

    1. I’ve also heard conflicting info about the masks but I decided to make them anyway. I hope they can be put to good use. I seem to crave everything right now. I need to stop eating!!

  8. It’s interesting. I’ve become more introverted with age, and this is not a problem for me. I thought Dale was the same, but as it turns out … not really. I mean, neither one of us like big gatherings, but he misses his micro-interactions as he runs errands and such.

    We are currently in deep discussion about the grocery store. Can Tim recall where he read people over 60 should not go?

    1. I just asked him and he can’t remember. Says he’s read so many things that he loses track of where he saw things. There’s almost too much information out there right now!!

      I think Tim is not as introverted as me but he seems to be OK being around the house. I know it will be easier (for both of us) when it gets warmer and we can spend time outside.

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