Winter is Coming

I was looking out my window at the leafless trees and couldn’t help thinking about the months ahead.  Winter is coming.

This has been the year of two seasons – winter and summer.  We were cheated out of our spring.  We went from snow in April to temps in the 90s in May.  And the nice fall I wrote about earlier never materialized.  The temps this time went from hot to cold over night.  None of those nice “sun on your face” warm days.  I definitely feel cheated, don’t you?

Cold and dreary

Not only did we not have the warmer fall temps, but we had lots of rain.  I know I’ve mentioned how much I love rainy days, but these wouldn’t end and I’ve spent almost no time reading on my deck.  It’s been so disappointing.  I haven’t even felt like walking, which is really bad.

And there’s only more (and worse) to come.  I’ve noticed how much harder it is for me to tolerate winter as I’ve aged.  And even though I’m retired and don’t have to go out in it as much, I still don’t like having to wear heavy coats and gloves just to go somewhere. 

Summer is so easy; you just walk outside and get in your car.  Or pull the garbage bins into the garage without a thought about the temperature.

The brown of winter

Our grass is still quite green, but soon it will join the trees and become brown as it prepares for winter.  And then we’ll have months of nothing but brown, unless of course, it snows.  But even snow becomes dirty looking after a while.

So why do we live here?  Once Tim retires, we plan to spend three months each winter in Florida.  I think that will definitely help.  I can handle November and December.  The holidays make it easier and the time goes quickly.

January and February, not so much.  Even for a short month, February can seem endless.  Tim usually gets very optimistic by March.  He seems to forget that March and April can still be pretty bleak and cold.  Remember last April?

So why DO we live here?

I never answered my question from above.  I think partly because it’s always been home and home is hard to leave.  Especially when family and friends are here.  I have parents close by, who will be needing more and more help.  And we have grandkids we love to spend time with. 

Simply, it’s what we know.  Even though we don’t like it, we know how to survive a harsh winter or a blistering summer.  We know how the weather can change on a dime.  And each year holds a new promise that we’ll actually get those four seasons and the variety they bring to our lives.

I know I’ve given in when I put the comforter back on the bed, turn on the furnace, and start wearing socks every day.  Makes me want to cry!!  😪

Who am I kidding?  Winter isn’t coming; it’s here.  ❄❄❄