7 Reasons Not To Get a New Cat

Two times within the last week, something came up that brought tears to my eyes because they made me think about Mickey and Brutus. The tears don’t last long, but I still feel a profound sadness when I realize they aren’t here anymore. And won’t be ever again.

We’ve jokingly talked about getting a new kitten. At least I think it’s jokingly. I have a sneaky feeling that if either one of us actually said, let’s do it, the other would cave. But even a new cat wouldn’t be Mickey or Brutus.

We all know each cat has its own personality. That can’t be replicated. And I know that doesn’t mean I couldn’t love another cat. But my “living with a cat” experiences are limited to those two and I loved them more than I realized I ever would.

It would be easy to get another cat. Things are popping up all the time about available cats. We’d just have to buy new litter boxes and replenish our cat food supply.

So, I need to constantly remind myself why we don’t want to get a new cat.

Save money

I think most of the expenses with a cat are when they’re new and when they’re old. All I know is, we spent a lot this past year with two sick cats. Not to mention the teeth cleanings and the little surgery Brutie had in 2016.

Even everyday things add up. There’s food, treats, litter. Our boys weren’t big into toys but they did like their treats. At least until they got sick.

No cat hair

I never knew a cat lost so much hair!! When you have two, it’s even worse. Especially when they’re white and you have dark wood floors. Not to mention the gray sofa in our living room and the chair they liked to sleep in.

You think you’re sweeping it up, only to find it floating through the air. It’s an endless job.

And my clothes. I tend to wear a lot of black, which is not good. Plus, they liked to sleep in my closet, so everything on the lower rack would be rubbed against.

I gave up a few afghans because once they started sleeping on them, the hair was matted in. And we hated to put anything covered in cat hair in the washer. Brutus also liked to pull on the yarn with his teeth, which didn’t do much for the afghan either.

Fewer messes

Brutus liked to play in his water bowl. This was acceptable when he only had water downstairs, but as they got older, we wanted them to have access to water upstairs too. I’d either find the mat soaking wet or puddles of water on the floor. See, he not only played in his water bowl, but he liked to tip it over!!

Then there’s the usual messes – cat litter that gets stuck in their paws, hairballs, and throwing up after eating too fast. Towards the end, Mickey had trouble making it to the litter box, so there was that mess too.

Easier travel

Cats are definitely easier than dogs when it comes to leaving them home. We could go away for the weekend, making sure they had enough food and water to last a couple of days.

Long term travel required a cat sitter. Mary was a great sitter. She also got our mail and made sure things were Ok at the house. The boys loved her too. Now we don’t have to inconvenience her anymore or worry that she might not be available when we need her help.

But if we want to go away for three months in the winter, we have no options. We’ve already checked and any place we’d rent doesn’t allow cats. Some are fine with dogs, but no cats. Do some cats like riding in the car? Ours didn’t, so there’s that to consider as well. There’s no way I’d leave my cat behind for three months either.

Can put things where I want them

I learned a few things the hard way. Like not putting a vase with fresh flowers (and water, of course) on the end table in the living room. We did have a few vases knocked over.

I also can now put a laundry basket on the floor without a cat deciding it’s a great place to nap.

I can light candles on the coffee table downstairs without worrying about a cat burning himself or possibly burning down the house!!

I can knit in peace

Mickey wasn’t so bad when it came to this, but Brutus loved to play with the yarn while I was working with it. He was like that with my cross stitch thread as well. He’d be good for a while and then all of a sudden, he’d decide to attack. I can only imagine what a new cat would be like.

No worrying about cat allergies

A lot of people are allergic to cats. Most impactful to us is Tim’s son-in-law. If they were coming, we had to lock up the boys and make sure all the cat hair was removed from furniture, etc. Now when they visit, we won’t have to deal with that.

Have I convinced myself? Tim has said if we were to ever get one, we had to start with a kitten, since that’s the fun part. It would be nice to watch as a kitten matures. I also know kittens can be crazy wild and I don’t know if I’m up for that. I like having a Christmas tree and other “nice” things that a new kitten might destroy.

Rationally, I know we do not want another cat. But when I see a cute furry face and think about the companionship I miss, it’s hard not to try to justify it.

It’s all Tim’s fault. I never would have known what I was missing if he hadn’t brought Mickey and Brutus into my life!! No, Tim – this is not my way of saying I want a new cat. At least I don’t think it is. 😺😺

18 thoughts on “7 Reasons Not To Get a New Cat”

  1. I think your reasons are solid. We decided not to add any new pets a few years ago to reduce our costs for longer trips once I retire in a couple of years.

    We lost our oldest cat early this year. Our dog is nearly 13 and the youngest one is an 8 year old tortoiseshell kitty. Having said that, I know when we’re done with the long trips, another cat will find its way into our home and hearts.

    1. It’s tough to be logical and ignore your heart. Our furry friends are so special. Like you, I’m not dismissing the idea of getting another one when we’re ready to just be home.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly, pros and cons to all big decisions. One day when you and Tim are not traveling as much, I would venture a guess that some lucky cat may find its way to a wonderful home with you. 🙂

    1. You could be right. I’d even be happy with an older cat but Tim says I need to experience a kitten. I get that but I like the idea of a cat with less energy!!

  3. I can relate so well to this blog! I love cats! I’ve had a cat since 3rd grade except for a brief time while away at college and for the past few years. My husband is the main holdout on getting another cat but I have to admit, life is easier without because we are gone a lot and don’t have to worry about cat care. BUT on the other side, there are so many cats and kittens needing a good home! I feel it is my responsibility to provide a home for at least one of them! We have many strays around so I hope to corral one of them and get it spayed or neutered and at least have an outside cat. That’s the least I can do. And I just may have another indoor cat someday. Sure life is easier without but life is easier without children and spouses, too! If I only had myself to think about, life would be easier but not better.
    Charles Gusewell used to write an article for the KC Star paper and has written several books about his pets. He wrote about not ever wanting another dog after suffering the heartache of losing his first dog but then realizing you have to have love to have sorrow and how boring would life be without love? So he got another dog.
    So maybe you and I will have a cat again someday!

    1. What a great way to think about it. If we never take that chance on love, we may avoid the sorrow but never experience the joys of love. I hope we both get our next cat someday!!

  4. I had to laugh at the knitting part. That and her allergies was why my wife got rid of our last two cats ; they just wouldn’t let her knit, and she began to grow bitter about it. But now she’s talking about getting another one again. I’m against it mainly because of the travel issues you mentioned. I’m all for freedom and no guilt.

  5. After growing up with dogs I switched to cats after I got married we had 2 for 20 years the oldest of the two lived to be 24 then instead of getting another kitten we rescued one after he passed we got our fourth cat the last two were more attached to my wife as she was always home after my wife passed away the fourth cat finally started sitting on my lap sleeping in my bed I had to put him down three years ago I miss him but so far I’m doing okay without another one

    1. I’d forgotten how much I like cats until Mickey and Brutus. I like dogs too but cats are so much easier. No plans for a new one soon but maybe someday?

  6. We are currently cat-less, but I’m pretty sure there is at least one in my future. Right now we love the ease of travel and I’m thrilled not to be constantly fishing cat hair out of my eyes… but I do miss the companionship and the joy of having a little creature to take care of. I have a feeling there might be a fur ball in your not-too-distant future.

    1. I don’t know about that. I think practicality will win out. Maybe someday when we’re happy just being home.

  7. Pets are not practical — but they bring so much joy. Personally, i hope there is a kitten the next time you host Book Club.

    1. I’m afraid we’ll be choosing the practical side. Wish I could say there will be a kitten, but I’m pretty sure there won’t be. It will get easier over time.

  8. One could argue either way. Our last cat was sick and peed all over the house. I swore never again. But here we are with a cat, and I am all the happier for it. Ours is a long-hair, and the fur is unbelievable. I bought a big bag of lint rollers, which are handy. To justify the extra work, I tell myself it keeps me moving.

    1. I think my problem is I tend to think about the good and forget the bad. My head knows it’s not a good idea but my heart just can’t let go.

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