Contributing Your Voice

This week, a blogger I follow posted about this fun opportunity. If you’re a retired woman, you can contribute to an upcoming book by completing a questionnaire.

The book will focus on the non-financial aspects of retirement for women. There are all kinds of books out there about how to manage your finances, but very few helping women with the other parts of retirement.

They want your input in identifying what women who are already retired have experienced (positive and negative) so they can help other women before they retire.

I started on the questionnaire today and have a couple of tips.

  • Read the instructions carefully. I did not, thinking I understood enough. You must Register before you do anything. If you don’t, you’ll lose everything you entered. Be smarter than I was. (Fortunately, I anticipated this would happen, so I copied all my answers so I could insert them after I registered.)
  • They give you the option of completing it in stages. I highly recommend you save it before you submit and come back to it later. After thinking about it, I know you’ll come up with more you want to say and once you submit it, you’re done.

If your input is used in the book, you will be notified by mid-summer. They will not use your name; just your experiences and a few demographics. And you’ll receive a free copy of the book!!

Don’t wait too long; you only have until April 30 to submit your questionnaire. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been retired. If you are a woman and consider yourself “retired”, you can contribute.

Even if you aren’t a retired woman, you can help by sharing this with all the retired women you know. The more responses they get, the better the book will be.

Click retirementvoices to learn more and to get started. I’m submitting mine today!!