Tennis anyone?

I’m a big tennis fan.  And this is a great time, because the first major tournament  of the year is currently in progress.  However, since it’s in Australia, it’s not that easy to catch the action.  There’s a 17 hour time difference!!

I was fortunate this morning that the night session ran long.  It ended at 1:30 AM their time (on Wednesday), which was about 8:30 AM our time (on Tuesday).  I’m glad my AO app tells me both times!!  So, I was able to watch the last two sets of the Wozniacki/Suarez Navarro match.

Tim, my husband, says “you’re retired, you can stay up all night and watch”.  But remember my retired routine?  That includes 8 hours of sleep.  I’m too old to stay up all night and sleep all day.  It would seriously mess me up.

I’ve tried setting my DVR to record all the sessions, but I would have missed what I caught this morning, as it ran over the scheduled broadcast time.  I shut off all my notifications so I can watch a taped session without knowing the results, but for some reason, it’s just not the same.  I prefer watching any sporting event live.  However, there is one big advantage to watching a recording – you can skip through the commercials and anything else you don’t care to watch.

So, I’ll continue to monitor the schedule and record the matches I want to watch.  Tonight’s match between Federer and Berdych is one of those.  Please don’t let me know who wins.  😉


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