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Well, I only got 13 responses to my three-month blog survey. I was hoping for more. Guess that’s about 27% of my email subscribers so maybe that’s to be expected. Isn’t that about what we felt was good enough at work when we sent out surveys?

It’s funny too.  My Facebook poll also had 13 votes.  Seems 13 is my lucky number!!

I did have 29 answers in my reading poll.  Did I try to ask too much all at once???

Thanks to the 13 responders to my blog survey.  You provided me with good information.  As a result, I’ve made some changes in my post schedule over the next month.

By the way – even if you didn’t complete my survey during the past week, feel free to do so now.  It will continue to be active for a while longer.

Question 1: How would you describe my posting frequency?

Every single responder said “just right”.  That’s good to know.  I will continue to post 2-3 times per week, although lately it’s been 3 times and I intend to keep that up.

Some of the blogs I follow post less frequently.  Some are weekly, most seem kind of unpredictable.  Many bloggers have other jobs so their blogging schedules are often dictated by their work schedules.  And one blogger I follow just had a baby so she warned her frequency would decrease for a while.

Question 2: Is my site easy to navigate?  If no, what might make it easier?

Again, 100% had the same answer – yes, it’s easy.  I’m so glad about that.  You won’t enjoy my site if it’s too challenging to get around.  I have to say, though, my site is still pretty low on content, so maybe that makes a difference.  Please let me know if you ever find it difficult.

Question 3: Which blog categories do you enjoy the most?

As you can see from this chart, the top three categories are:  1) Life in General, 2) In the Kitchen, and 3) Books.  Very good to know.  I will work on including more of these categories, while not forgetting the other categories receiving votes.  We still need something else thrown in occasionally, right?

Question 4: Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?

I appreciated all the words of encouragement you provided.  Thanks so much!!

I heard that while certain categories might be favorites, you also like the variety of the subjects I write about.  And that you may even find it inspiring at times.  That makes me feel good.  I know some people write about fewer topics than I do, and maybe I should have more of a focus.  But these are the things I’m doing and thinking and if I can share a little of everything about me, I hope you find that interesting.

I have a parting question for you.  My friend Angie said that with summer coming, I should change my picture (a book, an afghan, a cat and me).  What do you think?

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    1. I think it will definitely be on the deck but don’t know if I can get Mickey to sit on my lap long enough for a picture. They only like sitting there when it’s their idea!! But now might be a good time. He had teeth cleaning and six teeth pulled yesterday, so he’s not quite himself yet. Poor baby. 😿

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