My Escape Fantasy

Come on. I know you’ve all thought about this. In this crazy, demanding world, you have to have daydreamed about escaping from it all. You know, get away from all that adulting. (By the way, I dislike that term. No noun should be turned into a verb. But it seems to be the trending thing right now.)

Compared to many, my life is already a fantasy. I know that. My life is actually pretty darn good. So, why would I daydream about escaping?

All I can say is, I do think about it. And as long as it’s my fantasy, I’m going to make it perfect. One week of perfect.


I would choose a couple of places for my perfect location. One would be the beach. The other in the mountains, preferably with a gorgeous view high above the trees. It might depend on the time of year as to which I’d choose.

It has to be secluded, though, or else it wouldn’t be an escape. I don’t want people around that might want to talk to me. 🤐

By the way, the pictures in my featured image are mine. The Poipu side of Kauai and the Smoky Mountains. So I know my fantasy is possible. Well, some of it anyway.


I’m not expecting something luxurious, but I do want comfort. As long as I have a comfy chair with good light, I’d be happy. While I don’t expect to watch a lot of TV, I want something for watching hours of movies, if I’m so inclined.

As long as this is my fantasy, I’d want someone to provide all my favorite foods, without talking to me, of course. That would all be decided ahead of time. Or better yet, that person would already know what I love to eat.

Best of all, that same person would do all the dishes. I wouldn’t have to dip my hands into soapy water for a week. Unless I choose to take a long soak in the bathtub. I might actually do that if I had all that free time. And I guess I’d need a nice soaker tub.

How I’d spend my time

This is the best part. I might read one book a day. I’d write blog posts that would cover me for weeks. I’d knit a sweater in one week. I’d cross stitch all night.

I’d go to bed when I was tired and wake up when I was ready. I might not even take a shower every day. I could take a long walk or stay inside and enjoy a rainy day.

I wouldn’t be paying bills or doing laundry. I don’t even want to think about those things as part of my fantasy. I wouldn’t have to make decisions about anything to do with the house, my car, the yard, making appointments.

I’d cut myself off from social media, including my email. I would have a phone, in case I need something, but I wouldn’t even look at it most of the time.

If Mickey and Brutus were still alive, I’d take them with me.

What about Tim?

That’s a tough one. I love my husband and enjoy his company. But maybe he’d appreciate the escape (mine) as well. Does absence make the heart grow fonder? A week might be all it takes!!

When he reads this, I know he’ll think I’m thinking we’ve had too much time together. And maybe I am, just a little bit. He’s been home for over two months now, dealing with a work injury.

It has made me think more about what we’ll do when he retires and was a consideration as I came up with my WOTY. This unplanned togetherness has shown me we’ll need to coordinate our routines when he’s home full time. And that’s OK. I’m all ready to adapt.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue with my fantasy. Sometimes, just thinking about it is all I need.

What’s your escape fantasy? I know you have one. 😉

19 thoughts on “My Escape Fantasy”

    1. I’m not familiar with the Cook Islands but any island would be great for me!! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. That’s how we’re different. It’s not that I don’t love people. I just need time to myself. Being around too many people for too long is what makes me go nuts. 💕

        1. It’s not about other people, it’s about me. That’s just it. You assume it has something to do with what I don’t like about people when it has nothing to do with that at all. It’s simply that I need time by myself to think and recharge.

          1. Here is where introverts and extroverts have trouble understanding each other You feel like I am judging you which I am not…I just think differently….the things that bother you do not bother me and that is okay….just enjoy that you think however you do. Being home so much now is really hard on me as I have lost so many connections and visits with friends….we made it to church the last two Sundays and what fun to see some of them. Had many hugs and tears…

          2. Yes, that’s the key. Understanding and accepting our differences. I’m glad you’re getting out more now. I know that’s been tough for you. ❤️

  1. Just the idea of alone time is so hard to explain, especially to the one who loves you best. But, as a fellow introvert and coveter (made that up) of my own space, I can relate. I came close a couple of years ago – had a pretty little one room bungalow on the beach picked out on VRBO. Pictured myself renting a little pink Vespa for the week, visiting the produce market and cooking simple, healthy meals every day, paddle boarding early in the morning, reading on the beach in the afternoon and watching the sun set while sipping a glass of wine in the evening. Ahhh…

  2. Ohh we dream very similar dreams!😉 I am partial to the beach …white sands…blue water… sunshine. With someone cooking and bringing me meals that I can eat on a little patio on comfy rattan chairs. Lots of time for stitching, knitting, reading and maybe sewing.

    I have gone on weekends away by myself (at first that was hard for my husband to understand)….and I just had lots of time alone while waiting for the grandbaby to arrive and until the holiday season. I was still involved with family, but came home to my own space and really enjoyed that. Even going upstairs to one of the bedrooms and my own tv to stitch, read, or whatever, does not equal alone time when someone else is in the house. It does help.

    My college friend and I dream of cottages by the sea close to each other….but we even know we want to be alone!

    1. I wouldn’t trade my husband for anything, but there are times when I do just want to be completely alone and not have to talk to anyone. I know it’s hard for many people to understand but it sounds like you and I are very much alike.

  3. Your escape fantasy sounds perfect! I’d probably have to rent a cat or dog for the week so I’d have (silent but cuddly) company. Maybe both: a cat to sit on my lap and a dog to take me for a walk every day.

    1. Make sure you find a cat that likes to cuddle. Not all of them do!! Maybe you could find a dog that likes to cuddle and walk. I love furry company. 🐈

  4. Wow, surely we were cut from the same cloth. Except for the cross-stitching and knitting my fantasy and yours are almost one in the same. I am already happily living alone so the companion question won’t even have to be considered. I would especially love the option of ordering all meals and snacks on line, delivered to my door step by a silent waiter or better yet a robot that would return to pick up the dirty dishes I would leave outside the door.
    I have no illusion that a mega-lottery win or a visit from the Publisher’s Clearing House is in my future, but hey a girl can dream!

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