My Studio

You might remember from previous posts that I’ve struggled to find a name for what I’ve called “my room”. Well, I think I’ve finally come up with a name – My Studio!!

How it’s used

My struggle was due to the fact this room is used for so many things. It didn’t seem right to call it my office or my sewing room or my craft room. Those names only recognized one aspect of what I do in this room. I had to come up with something more encompassing.

I use this room to pay bills, write my blog and other office related activities. In my previous home, I had a room just for that. It helps when you have three bedrooms and can use all of them however you want!! I’ve found, however, that I like having my computer and printer here because I use them a lot when I’m making cards.

My Studio
The office portion of My Studio

I also use this room to sew. I have a sewing cabinet that folds up relatively small but is pretty big when it’s open for sewing. But I love it and it works perfectly for me, even though I can tend to use parts of it for temporary storage!!

My Studio
The sewing portion of My Studio

I make cards and do other papercrafts in this room. Like my sewing cabinet, I have a fold out craft table. I’d say I typically have one side out all the time, as I also use it for cutting out fabric. It’s the perfect height for many things, even wrapping presents at Christmas.

My Studio
The craft table

I have yarn and knitting needles here, but most of my yarn is downstairs in tubs. I also have a few knitting “works in progress” that I keep thinking I’ll get to. But it seems I always find new projects that are more appealing.

Coming up with a name

I’ve told Tim many times how much I’d like a studio. You know, one of those rooms (or standalone sheds) designed entirely for crafting of all types. Since this is what I have, why not call it my studio?

I can still dream about having a fabulous studio, filled with storage and features like a fireplace, fridge, a TV, and comfy chairs. One that could hold all my supplies with plenty of table space for laying things out. One that wouldn’t require closing one door or cabinet in order to open another. Oh, and I’d have to have WiFi. Aaaah. Now that would be a dream come true, wouldn’t it?

Making do

I can dream but in the meantime, I’m making do with what I have. And I think I’ve done a pretty good job of making use of my space. I wish it didn’t feel so cluttered all the time, but I tend to have multiple things going on at once and piles accumulate. Every so often, it gets to me and I have to spend time cleaning up or I’ll go crazy.

There are some good things about my studio. I have a big window looking down our street, so I can observe what’s going on in the neighborhood. I couldn’t bear to be in a room without windows.

It’s close to the laundry room, so on days like today, I can be in here and still hear when the washer and dryer chimes ring. It’s a quick trip to take things in and out and then I’m back to what I was doing.

It’s close to a bathroom so I can wash my hands or get water when I’m crafting or ironing.

It’s easy for Brutus to get to so he can drop in when he gets the urge. And in the winter he joins me so he can lay by the space heater.

I think I’ve managed to use the space I have pretty efficiently. Tim also helped me organize the closet to its full extent, although I tend to use the top shelf a little haphazardly. I LOVE these drawer cabinets. These make me feel truly organized as I know exactly what goes where. (Got them at the Container Store.)

My only struggle is getting to the paper I need for cards, as a lot of it is stacked on that top shelf and requires moving a bunch of other stuff to get to it.

My biggest challenge is when I get new stuff. As I’ve become more serious with all of my hobbies, I find I need to purchase more equipment and supplies. All that takes up space. I could use more downstairs storage, but I like having these things handy. What I have is filled to the brim in here, so that’s why piles accumulate, even on the ironing board!!

My Studio
My ironing board is covered with “homeless” items

I’m lucky to have this room. We use the other bedroom as a guest room and Tim’s closet. My only wish is that this room was a tiny bit bigger.

Revamp it?

I know there are all of these space saver crafting options. I look at one every time we go to the Container Store. But I like the furniture I have and so I’m hesitant to spend more money on something I really don’t need. Sure, it would be nice, but it’s not a high priority right now. I’m also afraid other options would mean giving up some of the things I like about what I have today.

If you check out my featured image (the picture at the top), you’ll see most of my studio all cleaned up. It doesn’t look like this very often!! It probably only looks like this at Christmas when someone will be sleeping in here.

Here’s what it looks like today. It’s a good thing I can close the door when I need to!!

My Studio

4 thoughts on “My Studio”

  1. I love the name. I call mine my “attic office” but maybe will rephrase that to my Studio Garrett. where did you get that craft table? I love it!

    1. Both my sewing cabinet and craft table are Koala Cabinets. I bought them 15 years ago, I think straight from the company. I see Amazon and Wayfair have options. But I don’t see anything like mine. It’s one of my best purchases ever!!

    1. Thanks Iris. There is definitely more good than bad with my studio. I think I’ll keep it!! 😉

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