Snowbirds – Week Five

Our time is up. It’s been nice but I think I’m ready to be home. Too bad there’s a three-day drive ahead of us first.

Vacation vs. real life

It’s easier to be shut in at home than it is in our Florida condo. Not that it isn’t comfortable. It’s just that there’s more I could do at home. I guess I shouldn’t complain; we’ve only had two days with solid rain. One was this week. Just steady rain, no thunder or lightning (which I would like). If I were home, I could be making cards, sewing, baking. Here I write, knit, and read. Not bad, but I miss the other things.

We’re talking about next year and what to do. I’m guessing we might come later, not just for the higher probability of good weather, but because Tim wants to be here for at least a little bit of spring training. I’m starting to think that’s a good idea, but still have some things to work out at home.

The last four days have felt like vacation. Honestly, there’s no way this could ever feel like real life. There are no appointments, no obligations, no expectations. Sadly, the vacation is over.

Snowbirds - Week Five
My workstation – would prefer a larger table but this works


I’m curious to see what happens once we get home. Our routine here has become pretty lazy. I mentioned the time zone change and its effects on us. I’m going to bed later and getting up later. Hopefully, that will translate in a positive way when we’re back in the central time zone!!

Finally, some sunshine!! It broke through on Wednesday. The temps started a little cool but the sun helps immensely. Made it back to the pool on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with temps in the 70s. Everyone else must be antsy to get to the pool, too, as it’s been pretty crowded. At least the really loud guy seems to have gone home. But the non-stop talking woman was there today.

Snowbirds - Week Five
My last day at the pool

I finished three books and started a fourth. Pretty good reading time even without sitting by the pool every day.

Tim worked on another Lego stadium – Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. He started it when we got here and finished it last night. He worked on it almost every day.

Day trips

No trips this week. I was hoping to have more time to spend at the pool and beach and that’s what I did. I had a very nice beach walk on Friday. Actually, Friday was the most perfect day. One of those days that makes me want to stay here forever.

We did make a little visit to a record store Tim had been thinking about going to. I thought he’d given up on it, until he said he’d like to go there after we went to lunch on Wednesday. You can’t believe this place. Well, maybe if you’ve been to an old record store before, you’d believe it. But I was amazed. There was stuff everywhere!! Mostly records, but also CDs, DVDs, posters, t-shirts, electronics. I even found three albums of my own!!


I’m glad I brought my walking sweatshirt as I’ve had to wear it a couple of times, along with long pants. It reminds me of fall in Iowa – the temps, the rainy days. Not unpleasant, just not enough sun and warmth.

Got out again on Wednesday and Thursday which felt good. On Friday, I decided I needed to get to the pool earlier so I could get a good chair. After my pool time, I decided it would be a perfect day for a beach walk. No more walks for the week because I had to maximize my pool time and pack. I stay at the pool for about two hours because I don’t need any more sun than that.


We stumbled across something called Crumbl Cookies. One actually just opened up not far from home and we found out there’s one not far from us here. The cookies are huge and they change the flavors every week, except for the milk chocolate chip. On Saturday, we had peanut butter and chocolate chip. They were very good. This week it’s buckeye brownie, s’mores, and cinnamon with hazelnut spread filling. We split one because they’re thick and big. As Tim says, it’s a good thing we didn’t discover this place early in the trip!!

We ate out more this week, trying to revisit the restaurants we really like, but we also tried a new one. I don’t want us to regret that we didn’t have enough good seafood once we get home. I’ve taken good notes because we still struggle to remember what we did when we were here two years ago. We seem to remember some things differently!!

Snowbirds - Week Five
Our early Valentine’s dinner at Guppy’s


I thought I’d share the progress on my latest knitting project. I’ve made great progress since I finished my other sweater. This one is less intricate but I do like the pattern. This is the back and not far from being finished.

Snowbirds - Week Five
My next knitting project

I actually heard back from the City of Sarasota on Tuesday. They said my case was under review and provided me with a link for checking on its status. I checked on Wednesday, and the case was dismissed!! I owe $0. The thing is, I only waited until Friday before I mailed them a check. Since I only had 14 days, I didn’t want to take any chances. So, we’ll see if they return my check or issue a refund. 🤞

I’m still not feeling quite right and I can’t put my finger on what might be causing it. We’ll see if things change once I’m home. I did start feeling better the last part of the week, though. Maybe it was the sun!! When I feel good, I love being here. When I don’t, I want to be home. I’m pretty sure once we’re home I’ll wish we were still here!!

One more night and then on the road tomorrow. I know Tim’s not looking forward to it, so I need to find a way to make it somewhat fun. Not sure how. And for some reason, he’s not happy about watching the Super Bowl in a hotel room. Makes no difference to me. I think he thinks he’s missing party food!!

See you back in Iowa!!!

14 thoughts on “Snowbirds – Week Five”

  1. It sounds lovely being able to get away to sunshine & warmer temperatures, so I totally understand how discombobulating it must’ve been to be kept indoors by rain and just wanting to have access to all your home stuff.

    I’m a home bird too, I did so much travelling when I was a child, that I don’t tend to go on holiday. I do go places, but generally to take visit something – like a book festival (for me) or a military history event (for Himself). Getting warmth and sunshine on the old bones would be nice though, but we’re fortunate in having mild temperatures here, even if there’s a lot of rain 😉

    1. The weather there has been great since we left, of course. Going later next year to possibly have the nicer weather we’re used to in Florida!! 🔆🌴

  2. I can relate, Linda, to wanting to be home, but also kind of wanting the vacation to continue. And the trip home is usually the worst part for me. Once I know it’s over, I just want to be home. I’m impressed with the Lambo Stadium your husband built. My husband is a big Green Bay fan, so he’d like it too. I hope you are feeling on top of your game soon!

    1. The trip home was long but all good weather. I’m glad to be here. While I loved our condo, I love my home even more. Feels good to be back. Well, except for the temperatures!!

  3. Glad you had a good time on your “vacation”. It is cold here in Ohio today and yesterday. I’ve never stayed somewhere longer than 11 days and that was an international vacation. It was not a relaxing vacation. I think it would be nice to stay somewhere for a couple of weeks and not have a planned out itinerary, but the weather would have to be nice and comfortable. I am a homebody but I think it would be relaxing to stay in a condo for a few weeks.

    1. I love vacations where you go one place and stay there so I don’t have to live out of a suitcase. That’s what’s so perfect about our five week trip. Almost like being home but with better weather!!

  4. I know the feeling of staying somewhere for a long period of time, enjoying it, then being anxious to get home. I love that I have a home that I want to return to, and it sounds like you do too. So, what does your husband do with the finished Lego stadium? Does he have a collection, or does he take it apart and start again?

    1. I do love my home. It’s my sanctuary. We loved our time in Florida but we’re ready for our own bed!!
      We have several completed stadiums around our house. I don’t know if he’ll ever consider taking them apart!!

    1. We’re in Marietta, Georgia tonight and it’s only 37 degrees!! We didn’t bring any heat with us. Let’s hope things get better as we go north. Loved meeting you!!

  5. Extended vacations definitely make you appreciate the familiarity and comfort of home. I hope this time away gets you closer to knowing if snowbird life would be something you could embrace. You certainly chose a lovely part of Florida.

    Thanks for sharing your stories, and your hobbies. I love the color of that new sweater. Will Tim break apart the stadium now? I’ll have to look into that for my MIL, much better than a puzzle.

    1. We’re pretty sure this is something we want to do every winter. Hopefully longer at some point.
      Tim doesn’t break his stadiums apart. Too much work to destroy!! They are in various places in our house.

    1. I just said to Tim tonight this was the longest I’ve been away from home. Same for him. It feels a little weird but we’ve done well. Glad you enjoyed my stories!!

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