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It’s funny. This topic has been on my list for weeks and I’d already decided it would be the one for today’s post. The funny part? This morning, another blogger asked for suggestions for blogs he could link to on his site. I asked if he’d include me and he’s already added me to his list. And a blogger friend included me in her post today. I’m already seeing a huge amount of activity today!! Thanks guys!! ❤

When I began my blog

I probably did things backward when I started blogging. I hadn’t really read any other blogs, except those I found while doing research on how to blog. I was mainly interested in the mechanics of blogging. If I’d read more blogs similar to mine, I might have felt more comfortable getting started.

I’d say it took me at least six months before I ventured out. Once I did, I quickly learned that the bloggers I was following were not right for me. I think I’d initially dreamed I could make some money through blogging. Now I really don’t care about that. So, I’ve unsubscribed from all of those blogs.

What I like about other bloggers

I know I have barely scratched the surface of interesting bloggers to follow. But the more you follow, the more you discover so I’m sure I’ll be constantly adding to this list.

Most are retirees like me. Or they’re planning for retirement. And they blog about the non- financial aspects of retirement. Some are newer like me and some have been blogging for 10 years or more. They write about all kinds of topics. They’re from all over the world.

Retirement bloggers make up a fabulous community. Everyone is so helpful and generous with their help. I love being a part of this group.

What I’m Reading

Here’s a list of the blogs I enjoy reading. They are in no particular order. For now, the list is relatively short. I read a few more but I need to read them a bit longer before I include them here.

  • Retirement Confidential – Donna is relatively new like me and she seems to post when a topic calls for it. I love her posts. I usually laugh out loud when I’m reading them. She’s the one who included a link to my glazed lemon blueberry scones in her post today.
  • Satisfying Retirement – Bob is one of the few men I follow. His posts are usually very thought-provoking. He’s a long-time blogger and the one who added my site to his today.
  • Retirement Transition – Pat is a former workaholic who is focusing on “being” instead of “doing”. She winters in my favorite area of Florida so we already have a lot in common!!
  • Retirementally Challenged – Janis writes about a lot of different topics such as gratitude, travel, and photography.
  • Snakes in the Grass – Marty is an early retiree who writes about a lot of things, typically in a very amusing way. I love his sense of humor.
  • Living Richly in Retirement – Barbara writes about frugality and how she saves and spends money while still getting out and enjoying things. She’s crafty like me.
  • Retirement Reflections – Another Donna writes about a lot of different topics, most recently about a hiking trip through Italy.
  • The Widow Badass – Deb is one of the bloggers I just recently started following. She posts less frequently than others but her posts are always amusing, as you might guess from her blog name.

Let me know what you think

Maybe you’re not looking for more blogs to read. I think if you check these out, however, you might find something you’d like to read more often. I know it’s impossible to post something everyone will like each time, so don’t judge any of them from one post. If you think you might like someone’s blog, subscribe and follow him/her for a while. You can always unsubscribe later.

You might see commonalities among the retirement bloggers. We’re obviously experiencing some of the same things in our lives but we also get inspiration from each other. There are many topics I’m thinking about including and then someone else will write about it!! But we all have our different perspectives and writing styles. That’s what makes this community so interesting.

Thanks for following. It’s so appreciated. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

10 thoughts on “The Blogger Community”

  1. I’m playing catch-up today on my blog reading so I just saw this. Thank you for the mention of my blog, and thank you for joining this wonderful, supportive group of bloggers. When I started my blog almost six years ago, I never thought that the connections I would make would be the very best part of blogging. I never wanted to make money blogging (good thing since I don’t) but the riches I’ve gained have been amazing.

    1. You’re welcome, Janis. I can only imagine how much my connections will grow over the years. When I started, I wasn’t sure how long I would last but I think I’m in it for the long haul now!! Thanks for your support!!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Linda! I enjoy all of your posts (and the blueberry scone one still has my mouth watering). ‘Tis true that the blogging community is a helpful and nurturing one. I’m glad you’re now solidly a part of it. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marty. I’m having a record setting day and it’s all due to being a part of this community. Love it!!

  3. Hi, Linda! Thanks for the shout-out, and thank you for the reading recommendations. Most of all, thanks for your most excellent blog.

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