Blindsided by COVID

After two and a half years, two vaccines, and three boosters, it finally happened. I got COVID.

I’m not even sure why I decided to test for it. Maybe it was because earlier in the day, I’d noticed the M&Ms I ate didn’t taste quite the same. I assumed my scratchy throat and cough were just “normal”, even though they weren’t getting any better or worse.

Fortunately, my social life hasn’t been affected. I had absolutely nothing scheduled. I think I’d used up all my social energy the week before. But I did have sole Dad responsibility this past week and I failed. It’s likely I exposed him but so far, he’s OK. The only saving grace is Tim is testing negative. So he could visit my dad yesterday and make sure his pillboxes were full for another week.

Other than the throat, cough, and occasional headache, I feel fine. I have noticed I don’t taste things but I assumed it was because I was plugged up. Now I think it’s part of COVID. The first couple of days after testing positive, I did start to get tired in the late afternoon. But I’ve been sleeping fine at night and keeping busy. Keeping busy at home is not a challenge for me and it’s not a punishment. I’ve loved having an excuse to hide in my studio. In fact, I finished making all of our Christmas cards yesterday!!

Since Tim had his shoulder replacement surgery five weeks ago, he’s been sleeping in the guest bedroom, which has turned out to be a lucky thing. Since I took the first test, I’ve been upstairs and he’s been mostly downstairs. We take turns in the kitchen and I don’t let him get too close to me. It seems to be working.

So, how did I manage to get this? I have my suspicions but I hate to speculate. I attended a large gathering the weekend before which could be where I picked it up. But you never know with this, do you?

I thought I was going into winter all prepared. I had the latest COVID booster on September 23, a flu shot on September 29, and the pneumonia vaccine on October 11. Could all of this have affected my immune system? Goes to show nothing is 100% effective, which I already knew but didn’t want to experience.

I’m planning to test again later today. It’s Day 6. My doctor told me to isolate and test again after Day 5. I decided to test on Day 4 so we could make plans for my dad and I was still positive. She also told me to wear a mask from Day 5 to Day 10. But I don’t think I want to go anywhere until I test negative. I have an appointment on Friday that I’m considering pushing to next week.

Even though I’ve enjoyed parts of my forced isolation, I’m ready to get back to normal. I’m used to spending my evenings watching TV with Tim, but I’ve been upstairs by myself. We’ve had to coordinate what we each watch so we stay in sync with the shows we watch together. Baseball has allowed us to miss our regular shows anyway. But I’ve also been able to watch a few things Tim doesn’t watch, like Grace and Frankie.

OK, cross your fingers that I test negative later today. I’m ready to move on!!

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  1. I got it in June myself… even vaxxed and boosted. I know where I picked it up, but my Tim never got if from me… and I never isolated much in the house. It’s hard when there’s just one living space!

    I had really bad congestion that OTC drugs would not budge so I got the anti-viral drug and that helped alot. Then it was just fatigue and weird mouth taste (drug side effect). I’m still getting new booster… even if I get Covid again, at least I’m more confident that I’ll not get it that bad.

    Biggest issue for me was I had to cancel a planned trip. Otherwise, I liked the fact I could spend days just sitting and reading!

    1. I’m surprised at how many people are saying they’ve had it recently. And they are people who avoided it when it was really bad. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have any plans to cancel, and like you, I loved the excuse to be home working on projects. The only bad thing was I couldn’t visit my dad and my sister was on vacation. Yesterday was my first day out. We got to see the grandkids!!

  2. It does seem as though Covid, or one of its variants, is just part of life from now on. Like you, I have had all the shots, boosters, and senior flu shot, but I know I am not immune.

    I did have a Covid flareup about 5 months ago. Loss of taste, a slight achy feeling, and some GI problems prompted me to do a home test. Yep, our friend was back. After five days of isolation and three more days of being careful, the next test was negative,

    With flu season coming into its own, I am going to always assume I am feeling Covid, so a home swab will always come first.

    Not my favorite way to live, but the shots and boosters are making the effects rather minor.

    1. I’m still testing positive which kind of bugs me even though I know it’s common. I hate having to always suspect every little thing might be COVID, but I think you’re right that it’s our world now. Maybe we should automatically isolate when we feel bad, no matter what it might be. Imagine that!! Doesn’t seem fair when we’ve done all the right things.

  3. I think getting Covid these days is inevitable. My wife and I were vaccinated and double boosted and both got it about 2 months ago. We both had mild symptoms and thanked God we have the vaccine or there is no telling how bad it could have gotten. The bright side of getting a mild case, in my opinion, is that your immune system got a little booster shot from nature. Covid is so prevelant that I think it would almost be impossible to figure out where you got it. Get well soon!

    1. I think you’re right. My husband said the same thing about my antibodies now. I guess that prepares me for what could be a bad winter. I’m not going to worry about it and just go on with life – once the 10 days are up!!

  4. Just had it the end of August. Had been all vaccinated and boosted. Took the acyclovir route and had a sign off from my doctor so I could travel in September.

    You could continue to test positive for weeks but my doc said you are not contagious any longer.

    Pretty sure I caught it at yoga class but fortunatly Steve didn’t get it.

    1. Not taking anything but don’t feel that bad. Good to know about testing positive but not contagious. I did test positive last night. Sent a note to my doctor. Will see what she says. Glad it didn’t spoil your trip!!

  5. My two sisters and I got it this summer in Okoboji. I didn’t test positive until I got back to Texas. Then my husband got it and we had to cancel our Alaskan cruise.

    1. On your vacation? That’s terrible. And then to miss your cruise. COVID makes me so mad!! Especially for those of us who are doing the right thing by being vaccinated. Good to hear from you. ❤️

  6. Sounds like the boosters did their job. I suppose it’s coming for me at some point, as I have loosened up considerably. But it still sucks.

  7. Linda! I’m glad you have had it too bad. No car using “Covid brain” for a Wordless excuse, however! 😉 My sister listened to a lecture on Covid from epidemiologist who is certain we will continue with this and we are in for a difficult winter. Being diligent helps, but as you said, nothing is 100%. 😖

    1. Ha, I thought about using the COVID brain excuse yesterday with Wordle!! I guess it won’t ever be completely gone, so we just have to recognize we’re not immune to it. I’ll just do everything I can to make sure I’m taking all realistic precautions.

  8. Oh my. Your post plus the comments have me thinking I’ve gotten way too comfortable in my return to normal. I’ve even gone back to greeting friends with a hug when I meet them for lunch! Here’s hoping you recover quickly, your sense of taste returns and Tim doesn’t get it!

  9. I’m so sorry to hear this. I keep reading that we’re in for another winter of infections and possible new variants. But do pat yourself on the back for getting the booster because it’s probably worked as it should and made your symptoms less than what they might have been without it. I hope you return to your old self soon!

    1. Thanks Marty. I’m just annoyed with myself for letting it happen, after being so careful the last two and a half years. But I’m not sure what I would have done differently. Can’t stop living, right?

  10. Unfortunately, it seems inevitable to get it. We went on a cruise. We were careful, but not manic. I tested positive two days after returning. We took all the precautions, separate bedrooms, etc. Malcolm tested positive when I was on day 11 (four days after my negative test result) – go figure. We both had nasty symptoms and he especially had a rough time with the ‘brain fog.’ Glad you are getting past it. Not fun.

    1. Doesn’t it seem funny that after avoiding it all this time, we’re starting to get it? I know others who are just now getting it for the first time. I suppose it is inevitable but it makes me wonder why we’ve had all the vaccines!! Sorry to hear you had it worse than I have.

  11. Gosh, everything you’ve mentioned sounds eerily familiar! Tom had it a month ago, but I never did catch it. At this point I know it’s a matter of when, not if. I hope you test negative, but honestly I put very little stock in the home test kits now too. Tom tested negative 4 times until going to Walgreens for a PCR where he tested positive. At any rate, I hope you feel better soon and get back to your normal routine!

    1. Thanks Linda. I know a few people who are getting it now for the first time, which I find interesting. I haven’t thought about getting anything other than a home test and since they’ve all been positive, I have to believe they’re accurate. Overall, I don’t feel all that bad, so I’m thankful for that!!

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