Do You Ever Need a Lazy Day?

Do you ever get up in the morning and wish you could just lay around all day?  Maybe watch some movies, maybe read an entire book?  Maybe not even change out of your pajamas?  I know I do.

When I was still working

I think I was more inclined to indulge myself when I was still working, and especially when I was living alone.  It was so much easier on a Saturday or Sunday to just let myself be a slug. 

No one around to ask me if I was going to shower.  I might do one or two productive things, but I wouldn’t feel guilty at all about letting myself lay around all day.  I’d eat whatever I wanted whenever I was hungry.

I’ve never struggled with relaxing.  I am VERY good at it.  Or at least I was.  And you’d think being retired would make it even easier.  But it hasn’t.  In fact, I find myself less inclined to just lay around.  Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t feel I should.   ⏳

Now that I’m retired

I have definitely embraced the “every day is a Saturday” motto.  I even recently bought myself a t-shirt with this on the front.  😘

every day is saturday
My Life is Good t-shirt

But there are so many things I need and want to do every day that I can’t let myself just plop down in front of the TV.   (I do, however, give myself permission to play my iPad games!!)  Some may be because I don’t live alone anymore and therefore, don’t feel I can ignore my household chores.  I don’t want Tim to think I’m a complete slacker.

I honestly think most of it is because now that I have the time to do the things I really want to do, laying around all day isn’t as appealing.  If I do, I can’t write my blog.  Or I can’t make cards or sew.  It’s amazing how doing things you love every day can keep you inspired to do more.

When I was working, I could always tell myself I didn’t have time to start a project, so it was easier to just lay around.  Now, I’m happy getting bits and pieces done at a time, knowing I’ll have more time tomorrow.

Lazy days are still important

I do believe that taking a lazy day now and then is important.  I tend to only do it on days when I don’t feel well.  Why should I save it for those days?

I’ll tell myself, “if it rains (or snows) today, I’ll just sit in my recliner and watch TV all day”.  But to do that, I need to be downstairs and then I can’t watch it rain or snow!!  That’s one of the best things about a rainy or snowy day, don’t you think?

One lazy day I’ll never forget was about a month before I retired.  Brutus had surgery on Friday and he wasn’t feeling great.  I wanted to comfort him so I sat downstairs all Sunday afternoon, with him by my side, watching tennis and old movies.  It was great!!  I can’t remember what the weather was like and I didn’t care.  We were cozy and happy!  Our little family was spending time together doing nothing and we were having a ball.

So, why are we so stingy with these days, even when we’re not working?  Even if TV watching isn’t what I feel like doing, why shouldn’t I be able to sit on my front porch or my back deck and watch the world go by?  And not feel guilty about it.  Why is there always something to do?

I’m going to take a lazy day soon, I promise.  Any suggestions for good movies to watch?  I like all kinds!!!  🎬🎞 

Have any of you been watching “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”?  I watched the pilot and thought it was entertaining.  It’s had good reviews too.  Maybe my lazy day will be binge watching season one!!  😊

6 thoughts on “Do You Ever Need a Lazy Day?”

  1. well, LInda, we are friends for a reason I think. I am catching up on your blogs (you know how busy retirement can be)and I find I rarely disagree with your logic! I will tell you when I do of course ha. but really have enjoyed your offerings! Mary

    1. You better tell me when you disagree!! And I understand how busy retirement is and how challenging it is to keep up with everything. Better you read these later than never, right?

  2. I love my lazy days. I probably have more of them than I should… And my to do list is not getting any shorter. But nothing is better than a lazy day reading a book and enjoying whatever weather is going on outside my window 😉

    1. Yes, I just need to give myself permission to take one of those days. I did have a partial lazy day on Sunday. Read for 2+ hours and finished a book, while listening to Tim play his new albums. But that was sandwiched between a neighborhood potluck, grocery shopping and a concert at night!! I may have a lazy day in my near future though. Could be on Saturday!! We’ll see. I just have all this Christmas sewing to do… 🎄✂

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