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    Finishing a Project I Hate

    Maybe hate is too strong of a word to use in this case. But have you ever worked on a project and hated every minute spent? I knew from the start I wasn’t going to like this sewing project but I’m just stubborn enough that I knew I would finish it. I didn’t enjoy it, however. Starting out As soon as I started working with the fabric (2 1/2″ wide strips), I knew I wasn’t crazy about it. I bought the kit for a table runner – the reversible Strippy Table Runner. Sounds easy enough, right? Tim actually picked it out. He thought it looked “beachy”, which it does, I…

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    Making a Table Runner

    A couple weeks ago, I posted about the three pillow covers I made.  I mentioned I was also going to create a matching table runner for our coffee table.  Well, I finished it. And I think it turned out pretty great!!   (Just don’t look too closely.) My goal was to use the same colors in the table runner, so it would coordinate with the pillows in our family room downstairs.  And I accomplished my goal. Simple pattern I found a very simple pattern, but could have just as easily made it without a pattern.  I liked the fact that the pattern produced a skinny table runner.  I wasn’t looking…

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    Making Pillow Covers

    Over the last few months, most of my sewing projects have become gifts.  I love making things for others, and I hope they love getting them just as much.  I try to think about each person when making something, choosing the pattern and fabric that I think is “just her”.  This month, I finally got back to sewing for myself. I don’t consider myself a quilter.  I will never make a full-size quilt.  No one to make them for and I don’t need any.  I do sew things (pillows, runners, table toppers, placemats, hot pads, wine totes, fabric baskets) that include some quilting features.  It’s a lot easier to quilt that…