Fifth Year of Retired Introvert – Blogging

I just celebrated my fourth blogging anniversary and I thought it would be fun to do something different during my fifth year. Each month, I will have one post about a different category within my blog, highlighting reader favorites and/or posts from the early years that some of you may have missed. This month – Blogging.

I’m beginning with a category that I haven’t written a lot about. The purpose of my blog is not to teach anyone how to blog. But I wanted to include it as there may be something any new blogger could learn. Not that I’m an expert, but my experience getting started could be helpful. Or maybe a little interesting?

Most of these are some of my oldest posts so those of you who are new followers may have never seen them. You have to remember that getting started isn’t always easy. And even after four years, I still have much to learn and struggle at times to find the time to write.

Here’s a list of all my posts for this category. All are three years or older. As a result, some of the information might be a bit dated. And after reading through all of them, I found a few things that needed to be updated or fixed.

The Beginning

Trying to Improve

When I first began blogging, my only followers were my friends. Since then, as I’ve acquired new followers, some have become my friends, even though we’ve never met in person. That’s one of my favorite things about blogging. It took me a while to take advantage of this community, but once I did, I saw big changes in the number of readers and followers.

The last couple of years have been tough and my blogging frequency has definitely shown that. During these five weeks we’re in Florida, I hope to revitalize my blog and build some momentum with my writing that will carry forward once we’re back in Iowa. It may mean some of my other hobbies will suffer a little but I’ll figure it out.

For now, thank you to all of you for following me. Let’s hope year five is the best year yet!!

4 thoughts on “Fifth Year of Retired Introvert – Blogging”

  1. Was wonderful to meet you in person! I’m just now (cold gray morning) catching up on my blog reading. That’s one thing that also comes with blogging (and many don’t realize when they start) – it’s often a two-way street! The back & forth reading and commenting in the community is a big part of what keeps me blogging. I wonder if that’s true for other long-term bloggers.

    1. So great to meet you too!! I hope we can see each other again.
      I agree, it’s a two way street when it comes to blogging. I always read the ones I follow; I just don’t always comment. I need to be better at that.
      We are definitely getting a taste of Florida winter. But that’s OK. It’s still about 50 degrees warmer than it is at home!!

  2. Congratulations on starting your fifth year! I found you last year through Satisfying Retirment. I have saved a few of your recipes and hope to try them soon. I am sure that you will find the time to blog if it is something you enjoy doing. Enjoy your winter in Florida!

    1. Thanks Mickey. I’m glad you found me. I hope you get a chance to try those recipes!!

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