• gdpr privacy policy

    GDPR and My Privacy Policy

    I’m sure those of you who work for global companies are aware of the new European Union regulation – General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR – which became enforceable on May 25 (last Friday).  It regulates how any organization that is subject to the Regulation treats or uses the personal data of people located in the EU. Personal data is any piece of data that, used alone or with other data, could identify a person. If you collect, change, transmit, erase, or otherwise use or store the personal data of EU citizens, you’ll need to comply with the GDPR. How does GDPR apply to me I’ve been seeing articles and…

  • Seeing Book Club the Movie with my Book Club
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    Seeing Book Club (The Movie) with My Book Club

    Tuesday night was the scheduled night of our May book club meeting.  We decided we should use this time, instead of discussing this month’s book, to see the new movie “Book Club”.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should.  I think you’ll like it. What’s it about? This movie is about four women who’ve been lifelong friends and started their book club years ago.  I’m not sure how old they are supposed to be in the movie – maybe their late 60s/70s?  (The actresses are all over 70 except for Mary Steenburgen, who’s 65.)  They’re all very successful but are at different points in their lives, which is typical of…

  • Books and eBooks
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    How Do You Read?

    Through a poll on my site, I recently asked you how you prefer to read books?  Here are the results. [visualizer id=”1250″] As you can see, there were no votes for audiobooks, which kind of surprised me.  But I wasn’t entirely surprised that most of you chose books over eBooks.  I didn’t include a “both” option on purpose.  I know a lot of you are like me and read both traditional books and eBooks, but I wanted to know what you truly prefer.  If I had voted, I would have said books.  While I love my Nook, there’s nothing like holding a real book in my hands. My love of…

  • Mother's Day Card
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    Mother’s Day Card

    Several years before I retired, I took up scrapbooking. And closely aligned with scrapbooking is card making. You use a lot of the same supplies and techniques. I also followed card making on Pinterest and saved lots of examples, thinking I would benefit from them when I quit working.  My plan was to make cards as a retiree. I also started collecting various supplies and tools that I thought would be helpful with card making. I even took some classes at Archivers (I was SO sad when they closed) to learn different techniques and to be exposed to different tools. Even before I retired, I made a few cards. I…

  • May
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    Stop and Savor May

    Spring technically begins in late March, but it takes a while before it truly feels like spring.  Typically, April can be a mixed bag – either very nice or not so nice. And there’s usually a fair amount of rain. Isn’t that why there’s the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? Leaves and flowers start to pop in April, but everything’s finally fully open in May.  And the grass is the prettiest shade of green.  Enjoy it before the summer heat turns it dry and crunchy. Once May arrives, it seems our focus becomes getting to June and summer. Schools end in May, there are graduations, and kids come home…

  • suburbia
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    Suburbia in Spring on Saturday

    Besides the exercise and vitamin D benefits, my walks often provide me with inspiration.  It can be related to something I’m making or it could end up becoming an idea for a blog post.  This post is the result of one of my recent walks. Suburbia Did you know that nationwide 53% of the population lives in suburbs?  And according to this article, suburbanization is on the rise.  Not surprising, suburbs lost ground after 2009’s recession.  We could all see it happening.  New development abruptly slowed down.  But things appear to be picking up again.  It’s all around us now. I also learned a new term when reading this article…

  • survey results

    Blog Survey Results

    Well, I only got 13 responses to my three-month blog survey. I was hoping for more. Guess that’s about 27% of my email subscribers so maybe that’s to be expected. Isn’t that about what we felt was good enough at work when we sent out surveys? It’s funny too.  My Facebook poll also had 13 votes.  Seems 13 is my lucky number!! I did have 29 answers in my reading poll.  Did I try to ask too much all at once??? Thanks to the 13 responders to my blog survey.  You provided me with good information.  As a result, I’ve made some changes in my post schedule over the next…

  • carrot muffins
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    Carrot Muffins in Paradise

    You’ve heard of Cheeseburger in Paradise, right?  Maybe you don’t listen to Jimmy Buffett.  Well, I have something else straight from Paradise that I know you’ll love.  Carrot muffins!!  Not carrot cake muffins, but simple carrot muffins.  They are so yummy. Paradise For several years in a row, a friend and I took a ten-day trip to Hawaii, specifically Kauai.  If you’ve never been there, you have to go.  Although, I had a local tell me “if you like Kauai, tell your friends to go to Maui”.  They prefer to keep the island less commercial and less congested, which wasn’t necessarily happening then.  I don’t know what it’s like today. …

  • Hooked on Food Network
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    Hooked on Food Network

    I became hooked on Food Network in the early 2000s. I loved watching the cooking shows on the weekends and learning new techniques and trying new recipes. But the shows have changed over the years. It’s more about entertainment now than about actually learning how to cook. I still watch, just with different expectations. The beginning I started watching on the weekends.  Saturday mornings were full of “how to cook” shows.  I would wake up early (6:30) and turn on the TV while I was still in bed and watch whatever was on.  My favorite was “Everyday Italian” starring Giada de Laurentiis.  I liked her approach and learned a few…

  • gallery wall
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    Creating a Gallery Wall

    Do you have an empty wall but you’re not sure what to do with it?  Have you ever thought about creating a gallery wall? What would you put in your gallery?  It can include whatever you like, whether it’s photos, artwork, or mirrors.  We created a gallery wall in our house last fall and it was easier to pull together than you might think. Using old/favorite pictures Last fall, Tim decided to dig through several boxes full of pictures.  He had a bunch and he wanted to sort them and distribute them to other members of his family, primarily his kids. While going through the boxes, he discovered he had…