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  • seed starter
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    Starting Seeds Indoors – The Beginning

    One of my current projects is starting seeds indoors.  In this post, and in future weeks, I’ll share my experiences and let’s hope I have success!! Last Year’s Experience Last year, I knew I wanted a couple of plants that would require seeds.  I’m a stickler for waiting until Mother’s Day before I plant anything outside.  There’s too much risk if you go before that, so I prefer to wait. I planted Morning Glory and Four O’Clock in pots.  I could plant them in the ground but with our new landscaping, it didn’t make sense.  And if I didn’t plant them in the rocked area, I’d have to do something…

  • pillow covers
    Projects,  Sewing

    Making Pillow Covers

    Over the last few months, most of my sewing projects have become gifts.  I love making things for others, and I hope they love getting them just as much.  I try to think about each person when making something, choosing the pattern and fabric that I think is “just her”.  This month, I finally got back to sewing for myself. I don’t consider myself a quilter.  I will never make a full-size quilt.  No one to make them for and I don’t need any.  I do sew things (pillows, runners, table toppers, placemats, hot pads, wine totes, fabric baskets) that include some quilting features.  It’s a lot easier to quilt that…

  • Paper crafts

    How to Jazz Up a Notepad

    I recently came across notepads that I thought were cute and would make nice presents for friends.  However, it didn’t seem right to just give someone a notepad.  Sure, I could include it with something else, but I wanted the notepad itself to be something special.  I wanted to jazz up a notepad. I checked Pinterest, which is always my starting point, and found people had been creating holders for post-it note pads.  I liked what they’d done, but my notepads are bigger than a three inch post-it pad.  I found what I thought was the best design and tailored it to meet the size of my notepads, creating a…