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    Creating a Gallery Wall

    Do you have an empty wall but you’re not sure what to do with it?  Have you ever thought about creating a gallery wall? What would you put in your gallery?  It can include whatever you like, whether it’s photos, artwork, or mirrors.  We created a gallery wall in our house last fall and it was easier to pull together than you might think. Using old/favorite pictures Last fall, Tim decided to dig through several boxes full of pictures.  He had a bunch and he wanted to sort them and distribute them to other members of his family, primarily his kids. While going through the boxes, he discovered he had…

  • Spring has Sprung
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    Spring Has (Finally) Sprung!!!

    Spring has finally arrived in Iowa!!  I hope it’s here to stay.  My post today is about four things that don’t warrant separate posts but all tie to it finally being spring. Seed Starter Update It’s been two weeks since my last update and overall, I’m happy to say I’ve had some success.  Initially, things looked VERY good.  Everything sprouted quickly.  But then a few of the sprouts fizzled out.  I’ve had the most success with the Morning Glory which is what I especially wanted to start early. I finally got my new waterproof labels.  I’m starting to use them as I transfer the sprouts to larger pots.  As I also…

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    Starting Seeds Indoors – Starting Over

    I said I’d give you an update on my seeds after a couple of weeks.  Earlier this week, I didn’t think it would be a positive update but I was taken by surprise this morning. What happened to my seeds? I don’t know exactly what happened.  My seeds started out fine but then they fizzled.  If you recall from my previous post, I started using a heat mat because I thought the seeds were too cold.  It’s been chilly these last two weeks and the location of the seeds makes them susceptible to the cold, even with the mat. So, our best guess is they were simply too cold.  And…

  • table runner
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    Making a Table Runner

    A couple weeks ago, I posted about the three pillow covers I made.  I mentioned I was also going to create a matching table runner for our coffee table.  Well, I finished it. And I think it turned out pretty great!!   (Just don’t look too closely.) My goal was to use the same colors in the table runner, so it would coordinate with the pillows in our family room downstairs.  And I accomplished my goal. Simple pattern I found a very simple pattern, but could have just as easily made it without a pattern.  I liked the fact that the pattern produced a skinny table runner.  I wasn’t looking…

  • seed starter
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    Starting Seeds Indoors – The Beginning

    One of my current projects is starting seeds indoors.  In this post, and in future weeks, I’ll share my experiences and let’s hope I have success!! Last Year’s Experience Last year, I knew I wanted a couple of plants that would require seeds.  I’m a stickler for waiting until Mother’s Day before I plant anything outside.  There’s too much risk if you go before that, so I prefer to wait. I planted Morning Glory and Four O’Clock in pots.  I could plant them in the ground but with our new landscaping, it didn’t make sense.  And if I didn’t plant them in the rocked area, I’d have to do something…

  • pillow covers
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    Making Pillow Covers

    Over the last few months, most of my sewing projects have become gifts.  I love making things for others, and I hope they love getting them just as much.  I try to think about each person when making something, choosing the pattern and fabric that I think is “just her”.  This month, I finally got back to sewing for myself. I don’t consider myself a quilter.  I will never make a full-size quilt.  No one to make them for and I don’t need any.  I do sew things (pillows, runners, table toppers, placemats, hot pads, wine totes, fabric baskets) that include some quilting features.  It’s a lot easier to quilt that…

  • Paper crafts

    How to Jazz Up a Notepad

    I recently came across notepads that I thought were cute and would make nice presents for friends.  However, it didn’t seem right to just give someone a notepad.  Sure, I could include it with something else, but I wanted the notepad itself to be something special.  I wanted to jazz up a notepad. I checked Pinterest, which is always my starting point, and found people had been creating holders for post-it note pads.  I liked what they’d done, but my notepads are bigger than a three inch post-it pad.  I found what I thought was the best design and tailored it to meet the size of my notepads, creating a…