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I will soon write part 2 about my summer vacation, but if I’m going to stay on schedule, I need to post this next. My last week of August will be filled with fun days away from home.

This category – Life in General – is probably one I’ve used the most. If it doesn’t fit into another category, this is the one I use. So as with the other “Fifth Year” posts, here are some of my older posts in this category.

My hair

If you’ve known me outside of Retired Introvert, you know my hair has always been an issue for me. I guess I’m like everyone else; I want what I don’t have. I don’t have smooth, silky hair. Mine is frizzy which is exacerbated by the amount of hair I have and humidity. For more, read about My Lifelong Battle with My Hair. (Some changes were made to my blog page so the comments might not make sense anymore. Sorry.)

A few years ago, I finally decided to stop coloring my hair. I’d thought about it for a while, and always suspected that underneath the color, it was pretty gray. And I was right. But I’ve never regretted letting it go natural. I’m amazed at how many compliments I get on the color. I’ve Become a Gray Hair.


Yes, I had to write about things during the pandemic. It was such a strange time and hopefully, we’ll never have to go through it again. I’m saying that as though it were over, and in reality, it is not.

Anyway, I wrote a few posts about adapting and what I’ve learned.


Some posts are about how I’m feeling about something. For instance, should I feel guilty because I have someone clean my house? Am I having a blah day? Why can’t I sleep better?


Then there are posts where I have an opinion to share. I don’t get much into politics. Recently, I almost wrote something about gun violence. I had it all written in my head and then Tim thought I shouldn’t write it. There are too many opinions and we’re all tired of reading and hearing them. But there are a few things I’ve written about.

Question for Today

At some point, as it seemed I was asking a lot of questions with my posts, I decided to call them Question for Today. Here are some of my favorites:

Hope you find something here you haven’t read before and can enjoy it!! Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Fifth Year of Retired Introvert – Life in General”

  1. Has it really been five years since you started your blog? Wow…. that shows how much the pandemic has clouded my memory. To me, you’re still one of the newbies.., but you’re clearly not. I always enjoy reading your posts. Happy blogversary!

  2. I enjoy looking back to see my older posts topics but I haven’t done any sorting like you did. Hmm. (Last year I did do a Throwback Thursday to highlight some older posts I thought might be of interest to newer readers.) I’ve also found that having a question in the title draws attention. What were your most read posts?

    1. Most read in this category or overall? Overall there are two recipes that still get lots of traffic – Lost Kitchen – Dad’s Meatloaf and Pioneer Woman Rice Pilaf. I think the references to celebrities is what catches Google’s eye!!
      Also, if I go back to the beginning before I had many followers, those early posts have low traffic. By doing what I’m doing, I can point people to them and maybe they’ll get more looks. Who knows? It does appear people are going back and looking at those, so I’m at least accomplishing a little of what I wanted to do!!

  3. I’m the Grammar Police according to one grandchild. My daughter (their mother) is an extrovert who is also a grammar nerd.

    I recognize all your examples and shake my head at the ignorance displayed on Facebook. A more generous interpretation is that Autocorrupt and lack of proofreading cause some of it. (I plead guilty.)

    I think social media will be the death of English grammar as we were taught in 8th grade!

    Have the English teachers given up?

    I despair that the DM Register no longer has proofreaders.

    I enjoy National Geographic; sometimes I thrill to see a concise headline with interesting and precise vocabulary.

    This is choppy because I wanted to ramble, but I have eliminated over half of what I originally wrote. 🙄

    1. Almost every time we watch the news, we see mistakes in what they put on the screen. I think there’s a huge lack of proofreading but I also wonder how much people even care anymore. Social media highlights how bad grammar and spelling are. It makes me cringe a lot. Some can definitely be blamed on autocorrect but not all!!
      Thanks Susan!!

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